The Cub Scouts tell the mother of a retarded boy her son's no longer welcome

I cannot flipping believe this bull! This pisses me off. I take this very personally.

I am a very proud Eagle Scout. I fear that in 1995 when I got my Eagle award, the Boy Scouts of America was a very different place that it is now.

This makes me sick to my stomach! It is another tarnish to the BSA name and makes me feel ashamed to be associated with a group that discriminates against developmentally disabled children.

If this goes to court, which I doubt it will as it sounds like the mother has too much to deal with as it is, I am sure Irby vs. Boy Scouts of America would be a very short trial. After all the BSA was let off because they are a "private club" when the atheist brought a challenge.

God forbid that you are Gay, or Atheist, or have a low IQ. If any of the above apply, don't apply to the Boy Scouts of America. That is a discouraging, and loud message the BSA is sending out.

I would think this claim about "other children's safety" has got to have another story behind it, although the quote from one mother who said "He wasn't dangerous, or irate, or anything like that. He sat and did the same activities as my kid. He's a great kid. I never found anything wrong with him." seems rather telling.

I cannot find anything online to help this Pack out (their site, what I believe in their site, has this message right now: "Due to a recent situation with our Pack and some of the information contained within these pages, we are temporarily taking our web site off line. This is primarily for the safety and welfare of the 50+ boys we are responsible for protecting.")

I feel sorry for Pack 765, its Den Mothers, Mrs. Irby, and the rest of the people involved with the Pack 765 discrimination.

BSA literature talks about promote scouting as being inclusive of disabled kids and providing them with an opportunity to fit in.

How big of a bigot do you need to be to kick a kid out without ever even discussing the supposed problems with his mother who went as far as to become a Tiger Cub Leader herself to help out the group?

Has the Boy Scout experience changed so drastically in the almost 10 years since I received my Eagle award? I had the most wonderful opportunity to learn from a retarded boy in my Boy Scout Troop. Hell for that matter I knew a few Gays and Atheists. I had no problem with it then, and I still don't now. We live in a diverse world, the Boy Scouts of America needs to take the express lane to the 21st Century.

In all my experience in the Boy Scouts as a Scout, Camp Counselor, and Assistant Scoutmaster, I never learned more then I learned from the kid that had a lower IQ, difference in religious affiliation or sexual preference.

Since we are on the subject, I might as well add a rider here.

The Boy Scouts of America needs to become a contributing member of the 21st Century. The Boy Scouts needs to take their cues from the Girl Scouts of America as well as other World Scouting Organizations. What you say? The Girl Scouts see nothing wrong with Lesbians and Gays. The Girl Scouts encourage their girls to become an active member of her own religious group. I am willing to bet that the Girl Scouts also take developmentally disabled girls with open arms.

I have gone to many National Boy Scout Jamborees, and one day I will make it to a World Scouting Jamboree (Being held in 2007 in the UK, I hope I can go as it will be the 100th anniversary in the place where Scouting all began). Scouting around the World is very different, and a lot more open. Meeting Scouts from around the World at National Jamboree is such a wonderful experience. It is one of the best reasons to go back to a National Jamboree. Meeting people from other countries is more then trading patches, (though I must admit I have a very nice patch collection) its about learning from people who are not exactly like you.

The Boy Scouts here in America should allow women like other parts of the world does. Right now the only way a woman can be part of BSA is to join an Explorer Post. For many people, Explorers is something you do after you have earned your Eagle Award, and want to earn more then just more Merit Badges. The age requirement for an Explorer Post also limits the participation that women can have in the American Boy Scouts. I have been part of two different Explorer Posts, both unique experiences, but this was something to do after I completed my Eagle Scout Award. Explorers is not the answer for women in the BSA.

I wish, and hope, that the Boy Scouts of America change their discriminating ways. This story of Christopher Irby is just another log being thrown on a growing problem with the Boy Scouts of America today.

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Their webpage is still available in the wayback machine:*/

I used to be a leader for the Swiss Girl Scouts, and I must say that this story seems weird. We did have disabled girls while I was there, and this never turned out to be any kind of problem, even though I could see how a severe disability could be a problem, especially if you intend to do some more "off-road" activities. If that had been the case, though, the people responsible should have contacted the mother and tried to figure out a solution, maybe informing here when there were activities planned that the kid couldn't physically participate in.

What they did was probably the easiest way out for them, but the worst possible "solution" for everyone involved and really bad for the Boy Scouts as a whole.

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