The League of Extraordinary Gentleman DVD Quickie Review

I have heard good things about this DVD. I picked it up used yesterday and I am very glad I did. I probably should have spent the money to see this in the theater. What a wild ride! Great movie, a lot of fun.

The DVD extras are great, and more then I expected from just reading the box. The Behind the Scenes documentary was longer and better then most. 12 deleted scenes too!

The Good: Another comic book/graphic novel brought to life that does not suck! The twist from super heros to literary figures is a nice change, Tom Sawyer was a nice touch.

The Bad: The worst CG in the movie was when the building blows up in Kenya at the beginning of the movie. The fire looked fine, the initial explosion look really bad.

There is defiantly a market for the comic book genre, and not everyone thinks these movies are hot. That being said, this niche has proven lucrative for the movie industry.

Final Thought: Great movie and great DVD.

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