The true story of audion

Is it just me? I mean, do you ever wonder about the stories behind everyday products?

What names were Procter & Gamble considering before they finally picked "Swiffer"? (Springle? Sweepolio? Dirtrocker?) What flavors of Pop-Tarts never made it out of the lab, and did any involve lychee, the devil's fruit? What magical prototype Apple products will never be seen, forever relegated to some giant, Wonka-esque industrial design factory that might exist only in my imagination? ("Oompa, loompa, diggity-dack: come take a peek at this dodecahedron-Mac!"). And honestly, what in God's name is a "Graffle"?

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This truly was a great read about Audion. To be honest I never used Audion back in the OS 9 days, I used SoundJam, which became iTunes conveniently. If you are not aware, Panic has 'retired' Audion. It is interesting to note that Apple tried to offer them a job, more then once, before really taking the market share for Mac MP3 jukebox software.


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