My New Laptop

Hi! Have you heard about these things called "laptops" yet? These things are pretty cool and I got a new one. They're a variation on those "computers" you may have heard of. See, they can sit on your lap because they are made so small. That's why they're called laptops.

This is a Compaq Armada model with one of those "Intel Celeron 500" processors. These things are small! I don't know how they do it. With this new laptop, I can get on the internet from my computer! Yep, they have that on computers now. It has this system called "Windows." No, it's not some fancy glass, but it lets you go around the computer. This is the 98th edition! The guys who make this must be rich if they have made that many versions of it.

Oh, and it has this "mouse" thing. I don't know why they call it that since it's actually like an arrow, but that helps you select things in Windows. On the front of the laptop, it has a CD-ROM drive. These are shiny discs that hold data. It's kind of weird because they're flat and I can't figure out how the data gets on them. I may have to make some grooves in them like my records so it can read them easier. My laptop has 128 something of RAM too.

I would like to thank the group over at KC Computers here in Toledo who sold me this used laptop at a rock bottom price. They installed something called a NIC card for me at no extra charge. But, that didn't work when I got home so I took it back and they installed a brand new one right out of the box, again at no extra charge. I almost forgot. They sold me a dongle to attach to that NIC card too. Heh, dongle. That sounds funny. Dongle. Dongle. Dongle. See? Funny!

Now I can write all of my reviews that you people love so much right from my bed. Then I send them to Ken through this system called "E-Mail." I used to have to save everything on my laptop to a floppy disc (though they aren't very floppy; I tried to make one that way and it shattered) and then turn on my desktop, which was connected to that internet thing I mentioned above (you need to be on the internet to send E-mail you see) and send them that way. It was annoying. Not anymore.

Note: On a serious note, KC Computers really was great. They did a fantastic job, gave me an incredible price, and I can assure you that I will go back for any other computer needs. They deserve a plug, so here it is.


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