Electronic Art's new... console?

In a matter of time, it would hardly be surprising to see Electronic Arts next move on the game industry: A fully fledged game console. The evidence is staggering. Look at this list of companies they have bought (and attempted to buy) over the past few months:

Studio 33
Part of Ubi Soft
And then this week, an initial attempt at the NBA (and they'll likely try again)

Now, think about how scary this is. EA gets themselves some of the top developers/games. EA creates a new game console. EA keeps all of their major franchises on their own console. Instant winner in the console wars.

Don't think so? Think about a game system that plays Madden exclusively. On that title alone, the console will sell because the masses seem to have some sort of obsession with the title. Add in the fact that it's the only pro football game in town, and you have an instant success. If they can a make a competitive game console, get a profit, and have a slew of recognizable games (regardless of quality) made exclusive for it, which of the three console makers will be next to go?

On a side note, how much money can this company possibly have to throw around? The NFL deal alone would be enough to break most publishers, but now they tossed out an offer to the NBA? Never mind the Lord of the Rings and James Bond. Could this be a company soon to be bigger than Microsoft?

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