iWork '05 Reviews

I have had a few days to play around with both Keynote 2 and Pages. Keynote 2 seems pretty solid. Pages, even being a 1.0 app, is missing something major, which is going to bring reviews down a few notches. Even on that note, Pages is a really slick app. I do not see how it can really be classified a word processor though. It is much more a page layout tool.

Keynote 2 has big improvements. There is a small bug however. I am not the only one who has it. No one has figured out what causes it. Some people cannot select Insert - Web View and others cannot. I can on my PowerBook but not on my G5. If I create a clean user on my G5 I can select Insert - Web View. My guess right now is that it is a conflict with a startup item or a preference pane, or some other software I run on my main account. I have yet to have time to figure out what the problem is. Once I do, I will surely post about it.

Pages is a great hybrid word processor/page layout application. You really can't call it one or the other. What you can call it is unfinished. Rob Griffiths came up with "OnlyAddPages" as a new moniker. You cannot delete or rearrange pages... without a heck of a lot of work. There simply is no user interface to delete and rearrange pages in Pages. Since Pages is from the team that brought us Keynote, you would think they would have the exact same "Pages" and "Master" pane on the left side of the Pages window, not to mention a "New" and "Delete" button right above that. Hopefully soon.

Since I don't have the time to fully review iWork, I will point you in the right direction. I am happy with the iWork package, it is worth the small price tag for these two great apps.

Rob Griffiths has articles online now about both Keynote 2 and Pages. Be sure and check them out a for a great overview of iWork and a few really great tips.

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