Madden '06 box art revealed

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LOL. I bet they will actually use that too.

andrew miller:

madden 06 should come out john madden should not stop making maddens because we love madden games

Well, "we" can't stand Madden. I thought that was evident.

Madden '06 will come out, there is no "should" about it. When you are the Microsoft of the video game industry, and buy every competitor instead of innovate yourself, there is no "should" in the equation.

How elegantly put. Almost brought a tear to my eye Ken.

Oh, and Madden doesn't make Madden. EA's programming slaves do, likley being whipped as they type away.


Do I wish there was more competition? Yes. However, Madden was the best football game out anyway, so stop your bitching!

Madden was hardly the best football game, and that's entirely your opinion. It had nothing on ESPN which not only provided the best football gameplay to date, but an immsersive experience too. The only gripe about ESPN was the AI of the DBs. I could on for months about how broken the running game is in Madden, but I won't.

Well, KC, this is my site you see, so I (and by "I," I mean Matt and myself) will bitch about Madden until we are blue in the face.

The 2K series was far superior to Madden. NFL 2k5 will go down in the record books as one of the greatest football games ever made. OTOH, Madden 2005 will not. Madden's running game has enough problems to write a book. And don't get me started on the play by play and color.

I will not buy Madden 2006 (unless I get a free copy), no matter how good or innovative it is. It better be innovative, since they bought ESPN out, and poor Visual Concepts is out of a job now thanks to them.

I will be buying Blitz the League and not Madden in 2006.


Madden rules, everyone else shutup.Anybody whu says 2k is better than madden is an ass. Point-blank.This site sucks im leavin.

Gee, I'm am soooo sorry we won't be able to induldge in your excellent grammar skills, ability to accept other peoples point of views, and your fanboyism. I mean, if we can do anything, ANYTHING at all to keep you coming back, please tell us. We won't respond, but feel free to try.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!


im back, and my grammar is excellent. In fact I have more letters after my name than in it, because of my various degrees. I think all your problems are due to the fact that you are all assholes, and you can't recognize a good game when you see one. In fact, I don't have time to sit around looking at a website created by, and for,dickheads. Au revoir.

You are right. We are both assholes. We are assholes because we have opinions. And because of your logic, ever critic is an asshole. And I would have to agree with that. I can't comprehend your dick heads line though. I think that might be from frustration though. Frustration over the fact that neither Matt or I are Madden fanboys. Lets just face it, NFL 2k5 is a better football game then Madden 2005. Oops, there I go being an asshole again. Sorry about that.

Oh and for the record, we do not like to recognize "good" games, we like to recognize "great" games. Madden might be a "good" game, but NFK 2k is a "great" game, a great series that just got a knife through the heart because of the greed of the NFL.

I picked up Madden 2005 used (which still cost me more then NFL 2k5 new) and was preparing to do a head-to-head on them. I gave up as Madden 2005 just was not as much fun to play, and I lost interest in writing anything on Madden. End of story. Your resident asshole over and out.


You know what, I'm sorry. It was completely wrong to judge your choice of football games. I guess it's whatever gives you,the gamer, the best expierience. I am genuinely sorry, it's just that when I think of such an excellent game as Madden I don't see how anyone can create a site of which the sole purpose is to tell everyone how bad it is.To me this forum is like a constant cacophony to my "fanboy" ears. I'll just stay away and (attempt)to respect your opinion, no matter how much that opinion may resemble that of an asshole, woops!

To each his own. And I truely hope that you did not take this conversation too seriously, I know I haven't. It has just been lighthearted (although a little profane) fun.

Madden 2006 is looking very good. As it should, being the one and only. But I am not one of those people who buy football games annually. But as you said, I got the best experience out of the 2k series. The same goes for NBA 2k5 and Live 2005. Although I must say I enjoy NBA 2k5 and Live 2005 equally well, which cannot be said for the Madden 2005 and NFL 2k5 catchup.

In my book, NBA 2k5 edges Live 2005 just slightly. But that is off topic. But who cares.

Oh and I hope you don't stay away. I don't like losing readers. As a matter of fact if you would like to pen some words on Madden I would be more then happy to publish them here. I am not against hearing both sides to the story.

Aw man, this is so not fair. I was sooo looking forward to replying like a smart ass. Thanks a lot Ken for kissing and making up and ruining my fun.

Awill, glad to see you come around. How much of 2K5 did you play? Did you immediately reject it because it wasn't Madden? I've seen many a person do just that. Unless you give it a shot and dig deep, you'll never see (or understand) why we believe it's a better game.

Our sole purpose here is hardly to rip on Madden (the DS maybe...), but after everything EA has pulled, we're hardly the only ones a little jaded at the company right now.


FYI I bought and still own nfl 2k5. I played my season and everything then I finally (admittingly) saved up enough for madden and once I did I never went back. For years I played madden and 2k and thought them equal, then around 2k2 madden jumped ahead. Ever since the madden lead has been growing and growing until now when i'll probably look to sell my copy of 2k5. Its a shame our opinions don't match up.I honestly don't see where 2k beats madden, in any category. it would help if you gave me some pros/cons.

Pro's for 2K5:

Running game works: Linemen set blocks properly, miss blocks when they should, and the physics of running flawless. Madden has that same 'slippery' feel it's had since, well, forever.

Passing: Setting hot routes is brilliantly implemented, reading defenses can be tough, and breaking for that 80 yard bomb is rare, just like it should be. You need to be quick since you have so little time to make it all work. If you're scoring 80 points a game, you're playing on a low difficulty. It's all but impossible on the later levels. Madden vets pull this off against the AI constantly because it's stupid.

Presetnation: No brainer. There has NEVER been a sports game with a presentation like this. The commentary is the best in any sports game, the cut aways are amazing, you can 'watch' Sportscenter, and ESPN as a whole adds such a sense of TV realism.

Sliders: When set properly, you'll end up with the most realistic football game ever made. It admittedly takes work, but after a quick trip to Gamefaqd, I found settings that have provided a great challenge, made the stats realistic (in games and for the seasons), and I actually lose games. I can't remember the last time I actually lost in Madden against the AI.

Improvements: Compare the two, and 2K5 broke more new ground in a single year than Madden has since its inception in this generation. They seem more content to let you set hot dog prices than actually advance their stale engine. Compare 2K3 to 2K5 and you'll drop. Compare Madden '03 to '05 and well, not much has changed, has it?

Graphics: Admittedly kind of pointless since it has no effect on gameplay, there's no denying every single detail, from the 1000's of animations to the jersey's, eclipes Madden all the way. I've played ESPN for 100 hours this year which is probably the most I've played a game this entire generation. Why? I'm always seeing something I've never seen before. The pudgy, overweight players have improved a bit, but look at facial, stadium, and sideline detail and come back to me. Also, all EA does it increase small details for the more powerful consoles, basically creating the game for the PS2. That's wrong and lazy. It should be the other way around, which is exactly what Take Two did.

Franchise: This is an area that Madden does have an advantage since EA has NCAA. Importing draftees is cool. Still, the depth, attention to detail, and contract negotiation is well above anything Madden has offered. Again, stadium prices? How about letting me spend more time on the field? ESPN makes the entire process painless, though the new weekly training was poorly implemented.

Pro's for Madden:

Defense: DB's blow way too much coverage in ESPN simply because it's hard for them to turn around. It's a bad trade-off to the rest of physics engine.

Passing: Dropped passes are infrequent. This is both a positive and a curse. Sure, it's frustrating in ESPN, but they seem to catch too many in Madden which hurts the difficulty.


i'd love to stay up and chat, but I've got school tommorrow. dont worry i'll be back 2morrow, despite the way things started out, i'm actually enjoying this "debate". But before i go, running game "slippery!?!" how? i don't see what you mean. C ya 2morrow ladies and gentlemen.

Hmm.. how to explain this. Let's try a comparison:

Every play any of the NBA Live's on the SNES or Genesis? If so, remember how you could run into a player and push him all over the court? The players never had a base, it was like they were on ice. Madden has the same feel. Their physics engine doesn't feel realistic. It's something that's been with the series since it debuted on the Genesis and it's never lost it. It's certainly improved over the years, but if it doesn't feel like your player is really digging into the turf when he's making those tight turns, there's something wrong.


ok, i'll admit, madden is a little "slippery" but as for the blocking, madden is there. when the blocks collapse so does the play, just like in real life.
as for passing,the 80 yard bomb on madden is just as rare.sure, if you play on rookie, or even pro, you'll have 80 point games and tons of big plays, but if you step it up to all-star or better yet, all-madden, i guaruntee you the game becomes way more realistic without all the hassle of adjusting the sliders.
Improvements!!!!! what about the revamped defense, did you forget? The hit stick, it's a work of art! No, maybe madden doesn't improve as much each year, but that's because when you look at where madden stands, only minor adjustments are needed. Look at 2k3 to espn 2004 big difference huh, but look at how horrible 2k3 was! Now look at
madden 04 to madden 05. Defense was re done. Hit stick added, but that's basically it. But madden 04 was great so really how much needs to be fixed?
Presentation. I'll give that one to you.People buy madden because of it's excellent reputation and it's accurate gameplay.I don't need to watch sportcenter before a game, it gets on my nerves, just give me the game. I think they buffed up 2k5 because it couldn't hang with madden in all other terms.
Graphics. As you and i have both said, graphics dont much affect gameplay so this isn't a big deal, but yes madden players are a little stiff, but the stadiums are great, and for madden 06 next-gen the players faces and bodies look soooooo much better.Did you, by chance, happen to catch the preview of madden during the nfl draft? pity if you didn't it was wonderful.
Maddens Franchise. I think madden's franchise is the best out there right now. i don't see any comparison between the two. Sure setting prices is sometimes a little hectic, but it adds to the overall brilliance of the game.As for what you said about spending more time on the field, wasn't you who also said that you could watch sportscenter on the game.Who cares.Who wants to sit through Chris Berman sit there and say dumb stuff before each game. Pleasereply i look forward to your answer.

The hit stick? You flip the analog stick instead of pressing a button. If anything, it's far less accurate, you need to take your thumb away from the buttons, and it adds nothing other than making the marketing departments job easier. The only change I saw on defense was the ability to adjust easier before the snap. Should have had that years ago like ESPN/2K did before it.

2k3... hmm... the first real attempt on the next gen hardware that wasn't just a Dreamcast upgrade. Look at Madden '02 and get back to me. Madden needed to change more than ever between '04 and '05 thanks to the stiffer competition. They didn't, and their sales took a hit because of it. They had to lower the price to move it to normal numbers.

Sportscenter: No, you don't need it, but it's hard to argue that it doesn't enhance the game. I want you to come back once EA implements the ESPN licenese and tell me it's not cool. In fact, NCAA this year is going to have 'on-field' commentary with Kiper and gang. Come back then.

I seen Madden next-gen. It wasn't in-game and that doesn't mean anything since we're comparing two seperate games this gen. It was an 'artists rendering.' The animation was stiff, the new playbook looked awful, and there was little if any actual gameplay shown. Not interested yet and it wasn't anywhere near the leap we should be expecting.

Setting prices is too much. Chris Berman speaks on the game while it's loading. I'm not losing any playtime. If you want to watch Sportcenter afterwards, go ahead. You're not forced. Still, it's far more interesting than just looking at box scores in Madden.


Whatever, i dont really know why I care. Play what you want, but , Madden still kills 2k any day.

So much for that debate. You still failed to give arguments as to why Madden is better and when you realized you were beat, you gave up (this after you were looking forward to my answer). A winner is me.


sales numbers speak volumes. What's the number one, selling football game? okay, i rest my case, goodbye

Some of the best games in the world didn't make their cost back. It is a shame too, because the really innovative games usually do not sell well because they do not fit the mold. This does not mean they have great game play.

AFAIK, the 2k series was doing quite well in market share compared to Madden, and NFL 2k5 was holding its own just fine with Madden 2005.

Citing Madden's market dominance has no use in this argument. It means nothing. If you are going to cite market share or sales numbers as your case, all I can think of is "fanboy" and not a gamer that is passionate about the game.


Anyone who thinks NFL 2K5 was better than Madden is a complete novice when it comes to playing football games...those of us that actually played the game at some level understand there are aspects of the real game that Madden embraces and that ESPN didn't...'06 will slam!

Funny, I've been playing football games since the 2600. I've played every Madden, every Quarterback Club, every 2K, all the oddballs like Pro Quarterback, Konami's two football games, Jimmy Johnson VR, Sterling Sharpe's End2End, High Impact, Mike Ditkas, and whatever else has been released.

We prefer a football game that provides a better gaming experience. It doesn't matter what minor nuance Madden has than 2K5 doesn't. 2K5 is going to have one Madden didn't. That's how it works. You can't cram complete and total realism into a simulation. They both make sacrifices to make sure the games are enjoyable and entertaining simulations. What they choose to eliminate is what makes them more accesible to a gamer. That's what makes 2K5 the better game.


madden is better.


Well, personal I believe all these conversations are quiet useless considering the fact that EA has bought exclusive rights to use the NFL franchise. I do believe that 2K5 was indeed better visually, but with Madden I do have to say I had a great overall experience with. With Madden, they have created competitions,such as the Madden Challenge, and have added an online experience to the game. I believe though if 2K5 was in progress at the moment and it had the capability of online play, I believe I would get that game. I hope though since EA have those exclusive rights now they better make a greatly progressed game with a lot more features considering this wil be the only NFL game out for this year.

Um, ESPN/2K had online play since 2K1 on the Dreamcast, which was before Madden (on consoles at least). They had fully featured leagues with a slew of options.

I agree, the conversation is kinda pointless by now, but it's hard to argue that it isn't fun.


Madden is awesome, and I'm sure 06 will be the best yet, sorry guys I tried hard to like ESPN last year, it was slow and lame. Been down with madden since 92 and have played other series as well, my all time fav may always be tenco, but Madden is the latest and greats hands down. Well get plenty of fun out of this years, and hope to defend my MADDEN BOWL II CHAMPIONSHIP!!!


madden 06 will rule on every console from ps3, to xbox360, to psp. So sad 2k6 wont be around to get smashed, just like old times.

Because you've played it, right Awill?

And just for the record, EA lowered the price of Madden simply to make sure it's sales numbers were higher last year. Would that of happened this year is 2K5 was full price? We'll never know.

And Dan: Care to explain the slow and lame comment? You knew there were sliders to adjust every single facet of the gameplay right?


This guy, Ken Edwards, obviously has no respect for others opinions (or must be a programmer who works on the Madden series). Nonetheless, it seems pretty split down the middle because it seems as though Madden players are adament about Madden and 2k-ers are adament about 2k#...and I'm an avid 2K# player and am highly dissapointed in the NFL corrupting justice and, virtually, forcing gamers to play Madden. As "kc" pointed out, the DB AI on 2K was a drawback, but recently I've been trying to get used to playing Madden (in the anticipation that my league will convert to this platform) and I can name 50 problems off the top:
1) the graphics suck
2) the realist play and movement of men
3) confusing audible and DB/LB/Line assignments
4) limitation in audibles as compared to 2K
5) horrible playbooks
6) lack of uniqueness in playbooks
7) qb scrambling is retarded - you can't even pick
up 2 yards with Vick on an open field
8) kicking...i don't even need to go there!
9) Inability to hide play calls

and, this is my short list off the top of my head. It's very unfortunate that capitalism can force its hands into even such a simple pasttime as gaming. I've played them all, from Madden to NFL Gameday, to 4th and Inches (on the old pc waaay back in the day), and to NFL Fever, to 2K# and 2K# was the best NFL game to ever come out. The other drawback to 2K#, other than DB AI, was that back on the Dreamcast console, you could use the VM memory chip so that your plays would not appear on the screen; therefore, the opponent could only see your package. I wish Xbox or PS would bring that back. Other than that, I can truly say that Madden is one frustrating game and it'll only get worse with the line of sight because that's just one more function you'll have to train your mind to do while playing in addition to the defense just playing with the roaming defender and just lurking in the qb's vision field.


oh shut up ALLEN.first of all, yu said 50, and only named 9 problems. #1 the graphics suck, no, thats wrong. #2 i'll give yu that, it does feel a little "slippery". #3Confusing audibles???? Blitz, play deep, play up? wats confusing about that? #4 Limitation in Audibles,they are audibles. you are not supposed to have a whole other playbook, once you call the intial play.#5 horible playbooks? how? those are the plays that the pros use, wat do yu want them to do? #6 See num 5. #7 Are you kidding? if anything mike vicks too good.yu must really, really really suk if you cant pik up 2 yards in the open field w/ vik.


#8 the kicking engines are basically the same, besides there's only but so much yu can do with kicking. #9 wat do yu mean yu cant hide play calls? after yu call yur play, the opponent never sees it unless you show it to him/her.

Allen yu are obviously a novice. so shutup. come back with some solid evidence.

Matt is gay:

actually Matt, you can scramble to with vick quite well and use audibles even better if you're not a fuck-tard whom can only play games with two buttons like Mario.If you cant play that stick with the old school pacman.

Beyond the fact that you just ripped on two of the greatest video games ever made and called me gay, I'm not the one who said he had trouble scrambling. Brilliant, really.


maddens the best


no, madden is not the best. take a look at 06 and compare it to ESPN 2k5. madden's player models look like fuckin shrek, whereas, on xbox, espn's players are amazing and PROPORTIONAL. the only reason that you guys can say that espn sucks is because you're too fucking stupid to realize that graphics are important to the game as well. i have no idea WHY you are willing to pay 50 bucks compared to 20, for graphics that are much worse.
...glad i got that off my chest.
-btw, nice site.

I don't even want to respond to that. For the millionth time, the graphics don't mean ANYTHING. They play Madden because they feel it plays better. I disagree and play 2K5. It has NOTHING to do with graphics. If that's why you buy your games, I feel for you.


fine, if you want to stick up for shrek, that's fine by me.
...but tell me, why the fuck are madden fans up here talking about this? nothing has changed for them. they still have their favorite game. (espn didn't buy them out)

ESPN bought who out? ESPN didn't buy anybody.

They're debating that Madden is fine and 2K fans shouldn't be so ticked off. Obviously, we are.


dude. READ.
"(espn [b]didn't[/b] buy them out)"
...and yes, we have the right to be pissed b/c now because of fat ass motherfucking asshole MADDEN, we don't have our game series anymore.

Yes, ESPN DIDN'T buy Madden. That's exactly how your sentence reads. I asked you who they bought out, because obviously that makes it sound like you believe that that they bought somebody out.

And Madden had nothing to do with the buy out.


yea i'm sorry, i meant ea sports' madden series bought the rights. what i was saying was that madden fans don't really have a reason to be up here because nothing has changed for them; they still have their game; they should be happy, because, "espn didn't buy them out", it was EA that bought out espn.
sorry if that was confusing.


EA bought the NFL license and the ESPN license. Why is everyone mad at EA though, 2K did the exact same thing with the MLB license, even though many consider EA to have the better playing baseball game.

Beacuse Take Two bought third party rights, not all of them. Sony, MS, and Nintendo can still release baseball games. If EA wanted to make MVP, they still can, but they would need to go through one of the big three, and they wouldn't do that for financial reasons. And MVP is the better game, sadly.


First of all, you need to get your facts straight. This is not EA's fault. The NFL put up their EXCLUSIVE license for bid. TAke Two bid just like EA. Maybe you should be mad at Take Two for their unwillingness to spend more money on this deal. Being one of their flagship titles, of course EA was goingto do what was necessary to keep their game, Madden, alive.

Sorry if you feel there are so many "issues" with Madden. A game SHOULD be admonished just because you can't pick it up, and on day one, play like a veteran as is the case with 2k.

No way TT could have outbid EA. Madden is EA's life blood. They would have spent whatever they needed to. The NFL is of course at fault, but no one else stood a chance.

And you can hardly play 2K "like a pro" when you start up. Madden's not much better in the AI area.


That is my point exactly. I don't know, nor am I asking, how much you, or anyone here, makes for a living. But should you apologize for the fact that you can afford things that others may not be able too?

As far as the difficulty is concerned... that was precisely my point... I have already read everything from how people "can't run the ball" in Madden, to "I got picked seven times in one game, BS!!!" (This is in general and on other boards.) On default settings, both games need a major revamp of their AI. I have owned every iteration of the 2k series since Dreamcast. On equal settings compared to Madden, I was able to Rush AND Pass for almost three times the number I was able to in Madden. However, I did like 2k quite a bit. It just had a different feel. Slightly more arcadey and faster, and had better animations. After playing football in both high school and college, I feel Madden better represents "real" football.

It all comes down to personal preference. Complaining at this point is futile, and serves no other purpose than to put others down who think differently. As a Madden player, I feel fortunate that the series I choose to play will continue, while at the same time I do understand the loss 2k series players are feeling as well. Any Madden player that feels the need to tease and insult 2k players for choosing the "losing" game, are not worth anyones attention. Just player your game and feel lucky that you will have another version coming out soon.

Rule #1: Paying $50 for a yearly updated football game is a rip-off. Now they'll be $55+. Even worse. It may not be EA's fault, but that doesn't mean we can't be frustrated and overly pissed about the situation.

With that, setting the games on equal settings really isn't fair to both games. Each need their own tweaks in specific areas to achieve the desired results. Took me a LONG time to set 2K5 right. Once I did, besides the DB AI, absolute perfection for this gen.

But you're right, it doesn't matter. I'll still be playing 2K5 this year, and maybe even a little Gameday '04, believe it or not. Nice mix of NFL Blitz and 2K series. They really made progress with that series. Not the slightest bit realistic, just fun football.


how long will this madden-only thing last?

Wow, 54 comments so far. That is a pretty good run. Oh, by the way, Madden sucks! I think I will give one of the other football games a try this year, maybe that one that the Playmakers' writers helped with. My money won't be going to Madden this year.


*singing* Ma-dden sucks, it really really sucks. ESPN 2k5 is better than anything EA could possibly think of for 2006 with their little pea brains. I am going to get some discounted versions of ESPN and go through the rigorous task of building the rosters to update to the current status. Did I mention that Madden and EA suck?? Let the battle continue.


Madden zombies need to wake up. There is no realistic gameplay in Madden. The juke moves in ESPN were tremendous and effective if you had a player who had good moves. The problem for Madden zombies is that to play ESPN you have to know the game and the personnel. You can't just push buttons. Playing on Legend in ESPN is the most realistic gameplay in football there is to date.


No matter what the debate here is guys, it was bad that EA has the NFL license. Now that Madden 06 has been released, and has been rated by both IGN and Gamespot as being an inferior release than the previous maddens, you can't argue that the 2K series has been good to football games in general. I have madden 06 and nfl 2k5. I still believe 2K5 plays better... and in actuality, madden 05 plays better than 06 (gamespot and ign both agrees). I know graphics don't matter in gameplay, but it does in immersing the gamer into the game, and no one can say that madden did a better job in that department. Also, everyone seems to talk about skating on the football field as a minor point, but that plays into every facit of the game!!! I still like Ncaa Football 06 better than both, but from personal experience i can tell you that no madden fan will be converted to 2k fan unless they really keep an open mind when playing it... I had a friend who finally converted to 2k in 2k5 (too bad for him) because he liked the online feature better and eventually just found a better game in it.


Madden 06 still doesn't play better than NFL2k5. The new QB Vision is garbage. Its good that you can turn that feature off. I agreee that NCAA 06 is a good game. For EA sports to lock up football I expected better but I'll tolerate it since I can turn off QB Vision which they could have kept.


MADDEN 06 and all the others SUCK BALLS!!! I HATE THEM.. i cant believe i wasted my money


I have only one big problem with Madden 06. PLAYER MODELS! Why the hell can't they change that? The players have enormous feet that face out all the time. And what the hell is up with the shoulder to elbow length? Everyone in the league doesn't have Javon Kearse's arms. And the jerseys are painted on the player's pads.
I have to agree, not only does John Madden look like Shrek, but the player models do too.
If Madden 06 gets different commentary and player models, I'm all in.
Yes, I agree, 2k5 had some flaws especially in players turning and other tweaks, but the players were proportional. I'm not buying Madden until the players stop looking like cartoon characters.




Well, sorry to say that I don't know much about ESPNs game, and I LOVE any football game out there, starting way back with the Tecmo Bowl series, up to NFL Blitz, and now the series of Madden games.

Have to say that honestly though, Madden 2006 SUX, (it pains me to type this), but it constantly stops running after 3 or 4 seasons of playing on my laptop, and simply REFUSES to work on my fly Gateway desktop system............just locks up when loading..

Anybody see John Maddens bus going by, maybe I can stop him and ask him his opinion on his name being on a crappy game.....

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