Minolta DiMAGE Xt

I thought I wrote about this ages ago. A quick search and I find that I didn't.

My friend Jim Kimble IM'd me one day and said he was drooling over this new camera that just came out at some show, CES or something. One look at the DiMAGE Xt and I was drooling too. At the time I had a Canon Digital Elph that was only 2 Mega Pixels (MP). The DiMAGE Xt it a 3.2 MP camera, and it is half the size of the Canon I had. There is not a smaller camera that I could find at that MP. This camera is even smaller then that super small Sony Cybershot.

I never thought I would get some camera from Minolta. But hey, this thing is tiny! Tiny is very important. If the camera is not small, you will not take it with you. And then you will not use it. I can put this in my shirt or pants pocket and it is not uncomfortable. It is smaller then my wallet.

I have had the DiMAGE Xt for a little over a year now. This is what I like:

excellent auto focus
very crisp details
folding lens
very small
fast startup
powerful flash
4 seconds to 1/1000th of a second exposure

And what I hate:

shutter lag is really slow, especially if you have AF assist light, and or red eye reduction light on.

In every way this camera was a step above my 2 MP Canon. It has more features then my Digital Elph had, but is super easy to use.

If all you want is 3 MP and you like the idea of having such a small camera, I can't recommend this little gadget enough. The DiMAGE Xt is the best point and shoot camera I have ever tried. Here is a review, and another review, and another and another.

So why have I reviewed this camera right now? Its been over a year and I want a more powerful camera. Preferably something over 5 MP. It is not necessary that this new camera is pocketable, I am keeping my DiMAGE Xt for the every-day-tote-with-me camera.

At first I looked for 5 MP+ cameras that were small. Minolta's G600 is a nice looking 6 MP camera, and it is small. After reading reviews and user experiences on various message boards, my interest was no longer there. So I started looking at cameras that won't fit in my pocket. I went back to Canon - I really like Canon cameras. I decided my next camera would be more sophisticated then the DiMAGE Xt I currently have. I want to have more controls.

I did finally decide on a Canon. I got it yesterday, and so far I am very happy with it. So in the end, I have gone back to the PowerShot line.

I got it at Butterfly Photo where I got my Panasonic DV Cam. I got a great price there (again) and also was given deals on accessories (again).

I really can't complain about Butterfly Photo. They have truly great prices. They do not sell "gray market" goods (a lot of super low price stores sell foreign electronics without all accessories included that should be) and the two times I have ordered things from them, their sales people have been quite knowledgeable with the product I was interested in. I suppose I will review their site separately, I am very impressed with them.

Well, hopefully I will write a review of the Canon PowerShot G6 in a more timely manner then this DiMAGE Xt review.

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