Oreo cookies and chocolate milk

Did you know: Oreo cookies do not soften in chocolate milk. It is true, I cannot believe it!

Go ahead, try this for yourself. It takes an Oreo a really long time to get soft in chocolate milk. Now try using white milk, the Oreo gets soft right away. This test was done with 1% chocolate and white milk.

Odd. I never knew that. I wonder why.

If you get the generic Oreo cookies, in this case Meijer's "Double O," and dunk these in chocolate milk, they act just as they do in white milk. The generic brand softens right up, no matter if you use chocolate or white milk.

So what have we learned here? Oreo cookies soften quickly in white milk, and take a loooong time in chocolate milk. Generic Oreo cookies are content with either chocolate or white milk for dunking purposes. So just grab the cheaper generic brand, and enjoy your "Double Os" AND your chocolate milk all at the same time.

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You have more time on your hands than I do... and that's saying something.

This important scientific research Matt. And it is not like I am going out of my way here. I love Oreo cookies, and I love chocolate milk.

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