Staples deals on HP CD-R and Sony DVD-/+R

If you have a Staples close, get there soon! They have a deal on a 100 pack of HP CD-R (52x) for $14.95, and a even better deal on Sony 8x 50 pack DVD-/+R for $19.95. You can get a 25 pack of Tenon 8x DVD-/+R for $14.95, but heck, get double that for a mere $5 more!

These deals are good January 9 - 15, 2005.

Thanks to Stephanie for the heads up on the deals.

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Why Staples? Drop into your friendly neighborhood Best Buy or CompUSA armed with the ad or a web printout of the special. The other retailers mentioned give 110% of the difference!

Of course, I'm in Canada, so a special like that doesn't apply here, but if it did, and it was anyone OTHER than Staples, I could walk into a Staples and get them to give me 150% of the difference back on the first unit, and price match on the rest!

I did that recently with a hard drive on sale $80 off at a competitor... got $120 off the drive <g>. Pity they didn't have Maxell DVD-R spindles of 100. They'd have had to give it to me free and still pay me another $5 to take it! Well, assuming their 150% program allows for it. <evil grin>

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