w.bloggar turns 4.0

w.bloggar is my favorite XML-RPC posting app on Windows. Version 4 adds advanced Movable Type options that have been sorely missing, adds support for more blogging tools, and simply cleans up a lot of ugly things behind the scenes. Most noticeable are the following two:

ADDED....: Support to the advanced MovableType options: Extended Entry, Excerpt, Keywords, Multiple Categories, TrackBack and more;

CHANGED..: All Accounts and Settings are no longer stored on Windows Registry, now it's saved on a xml file;

There are a lot of additions and changes. This really is a nicely polished app. I am glad to see the time was taken to make changes on the back end that make for a much cleaner app. Being a Movable Type user, I also appreciate adding all the MT specific features.

The new blog account setup wizard is really nice. I had no trouble setting this up for my Breaking Windows blog. I did however run into an HTTP error 411 that I emailed the developer about. I got this error when trying to setup my Blogcritics account. If I find out more on this issue, I will be sure to post about it.

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