We have a Googlewhack

We have a Gogglewhack. We have "The One."

It is somthing I have recently discovered. It is a game you can play using the google search engine.

If you enter any two random words into google, providing that both words appear on the dictionary.com website, (the word refference site that google uses) and google returns with only 1 result then you have a google whack! I found one on your site.

The words "jamborees dodecahedron" returned one result on Breaking Windows I then found your email on the site so thought I would let you know in case it was of any interest. (I have heard that it is rude to whack behind someones back so I thought I would tell you).
Matt sent me this, he got it from some site visitor, Colin. I have never heard of a "Googlewhack." But hey, you learn something every day.

Maybe I should put my email on every post I make too?

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i have been google whacked before i found out about google whacking on the news actually. google whacking doesn't consist of going to word reference and trying to find a strange word it also refers to a regular search you had preformed and only got one result. apparently there is a guy who statred this whole google whackign thing and he travels across north america visiting families who have been google whacked what a life heheheheh :D

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