What is wrong with the NFL?

The NFL fines Randy Moss a cool $10,000 for his "mooning" incident, but only fined Eric Barton a mere $7,500 for the forearm to the head of Drew Brees.

Tell me, which one of those acts is worse for the welfare of the NFL players? A forearm to the head could have been a very serious injury. Bodily injury should receive a fine far above an end zone dance.

$10,000 is not a lot to these players, its not a drop in the bucket, as Moss said, he will pay in "Straight cash, homey." So take a guess at what a fine of $7,500 feels like to Barton.

Do you know why all these NFL players do their crazy end zone dances? Take a guess. The guys operating the cameras (the Networks, the "Media") are shooting it. The NFL is more then a sport, it is entertainment, and these end zone dances are the entertainment. Sometimes they go too far, but sometimes they are just plain funny. Moss's mooning was just plain funny.

These people would stop doing it if the Networks would stop taping them. But that is not gonna happen anytime soon. That would not sell ratings.

Do you think CBS really cared about Janet's boob? Its all a ratings game.

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