Wow, my stomach hurts

Holy cow I feel like crap. I am not sick, I don't have a fever or anything, but my stomach hurts like hell. The hurtin' is coming is spasms too. I was gonna go to the Auto Show in Detroit with my friend Mike yesterday, and I really needed to drive up to Toledo to get work done for the Toledo City Paper this weekend too. So much for a nice long MLK weekend. Hopefully I will feel good enough to work Monday up at TCP.

Right now I hurt too much to sleep. I'm watching "Junction Boys" and thanks to Mike he brought me some stuff for my upset stomach. After all, what are friends for. I don't know if the meds are working, as its still coming in spasms. I swear it has taken me at least a half hr. to write this.

I feel much better now. Before I went to bed I threw up, that was joyous. Took some more Pepto and called it a night. I feel much better today. I think I got some food poisoning. It sure put me out of commission and made me feel like crap.

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Briana Walker:

My boyfriend stomach hurts and he is acting weird around me. So what do I do.

Wow. Thats a good one. Some of the comments we get here at Breaking Windows are really funny - and really out there.

I would say Pepto-Bismol. Pink tastes better then you think!

Of course it could be a bigger problem like mine. Finding out that your blood sugar is out of whack when you go to the health center to figure out why your stomach hurts so much. Then finding out that your thyroid is extremely low, and that is causing all kinds of weird things, not just messed up blood sugar.

But that was just me. It could just be a stomach flu.

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