Anti-Widescreen... Cult?

Back in college, I was assigned a research paper to write. This was just a few years ago and the catch was that none of the research could be done on the internet. I knew exactly what I wanted to do but still had to cite sources. Since my topic has very little written in book form, it was a little irritating. I didn't understand why exactly the internet was so bashed by professors. Now I can firmly say I do.

See, there's this nut job out there named Bernie Farber. His website was up until a few days ago (it's been archived here), spreading hate in the most literal terms about widescreen movies/TV. His statements are not just completely off the wall and way over the top about the subject, but horribly, horribly wrong. In fact, he's kinda funny.

Right from the start this genius claims to be objective and factual, which actually means he's completely out of the loop (or slightly insane). He claims that widescreen is censorship and that you're unable to enjoy a movie if has been "letterschlocked," in his own terms. Where exactly did this guy come from? He's one of the many who have yet to figure out that those "black bars" are not cutting off part of the screen, but presenting the film in the correct aspect ratio. After viewing screen captures like this, how could you possibly believe anything else? Maybe he's blind?

He then proceeds on some absurd rant that HDTV's and their different widths are evil. Maybe if he watched a widescreen presentation on a widescreen TV, those "black bars" wouldn't be there. Why would that be? What exactly is the problem there? His most hilarious statement is that widescreen fails to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act. Maybe if people like him would just flat out shut up, giant widescreen TV's would be the norm and those who suffer from poor vision would have no trouble seeing what they need to... in widescreen.

Still, Mr. Farber makes it perfectly clear that he is, in the purest form, a true moron by failing to back up his arguments. He stopped responding to E-mails back in 1999 by anyone supporting the "opposition." It's a shame that word even has to be brought into such a ludicrous argument, especially since people who enjoy watching ALL of their movies have "nothing legitimate to say." No, you're right Mr. Evil Dictator. We don't have a clue.

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