Boinx Mouseposé Review

I can't believe Boinx is giving this away for free. It is really nice to see too. Most Mac developers think their little one trick pony should cost at least $10 - this happens all to often.

Mouseposé is a free tool that, when activated, dims the screen into a silhouette allowing the user or audience to focus on the cursor easier. You can change the opacity, diameter and color of the silhouette.

Currently you can only select F-Keys as the keyboard shortcut to use. Some might say this is a limitation. Fine. Add more options to make a hot key. For me? I like the simplicity of using a F-Key to trigger Mouseposé. You can also use Speakable Items to trigger it, or use Salling Clicker. That is a lot of choices. AppleScript and Speakable Items support are nice touches.

Anyone who does demos, trade shows, or presentations should have this handy little tool. It is also great for people (like me) who have large monitors and sometimes they lose their cursor. This happens a lot in word processors, or other instances when you have a large field of one color. Or lets say your eyes are tired from staring at your screen for hours. That is a perfect example of when Mouseposé shines.

Mouseposé uses very little RAM and runs smoothly on my G5 and my PowerBook G4. It is not a background application so you see it in the Dock and in the Application Switcher.

You can hack it into a background application by adding LSUIElement and NSUIElement entries into the info.plist. Be sure to make a backup before you start fooling around with those keys.

My only wish is that Mouseposé was a background application (without the hacking). Maybe it should be a Preference Pane. I made this suggested on the feedback page and I actually got an email back, from a human being no less! It was nice to get a quick reply. My request has been put on a “wish list” if they make a new version.

There is another application out there that has a similar function. PinPoint does a bit more and costs $10. Some of its features are overkill if you ask me.

Mouseposé feels like a mature application at 1.1, it is so polished it shines. I hope the developers do not add more features. It would only add bloat.

I give Mouseposé 9 out of 10. Go download it!

Remember I told you Mouseposé is free? You may find it more useful the longer you have it installed. I have.

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