Court Won't Block Low-Cost Ink

Lexmark International has suffered a setback in its bid to use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to prevent other companies from making low-cost, refurbished toner cartridges for its printers.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has ruled against Lexmark's request that it reconsider an earlier decision that favored Lexmark's opponent in the case, Static Control Components (SCC), a maker of components used by third parties to make refurbished cartridges.

Source: PC World

I like this story more for the fact that the DCMA got shot down in another court case. That law needs radical amendments (more information).

My brother told me a while ago about Dell printers (which are really Lexmark) not being able to use any cartridge because they modify the printer itself so it will not take 3rd party (cheaper) cartridges. I wonder if this is related.

If you want my opinion, and I know you do, I can not recommend any bubble jet from Lexmark. I have heard nothing but bad news about them. We got a "free" one with a Mac at work, and I threw it in the trash within a day. HP's $50 printer put this thing to shame. One problems is driver support, which is a rather major issue.

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