Diet Coke with Lime

I am a Pepsi person in the Coke v. Pepsi debate. I do not like Coke at all. In truth I am a Dr. Pepper person. Since I have decided to cut back to only diet pop, something I have upheld very well, I have been sampling the various diet flavors to find the ones that don't taste the worst.

Diet Dr. Pepper is great, since it really does taste like regular Dr. Pepper (no, I do not work for them). But I need variety. I was working at the Toledo City Paper one day and needed some caffeine and the only thing diet they had was Diet Coke with Lime. I tried it. I had never heard of it.

Diet Coke with Lime is entirely different then Coke. I imagine Diet Coke tastes good too, but Diet Coke with Lime is great.

Funny thing is that even though I like the taste of Pepsi over Coke, I don't really care for Diet Pepsi.

It has been 3 months on diet pops and it has forced me to do one thing, which is good. I am drinking more iced teas and fruit drinks.

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I'd like to point out, the artificial sugar used in "diet" sodas is a known neurotoxin. It kills nerve & brain cells, especially when mixed with nitrogens often found in lunch meats (subs, wraps, etc).

You can find boat loads of information on this subject. But think of it this way, dozens of various webpages, both professional and amateur exist on the subject and not a single one defends this product.

The ONLY group defending aspartame is the Aspartame Safety Group, which is FULLY funded by nutrasweat, the company that owns aspartame.

Do the homework, you'll see.

So THAT'S Kens problem.

(oh come on, someone was going to say it)

Throw a penny in there and say goodbye

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