Eternal Champions revisited

For those not in the know, Eternal Champions was Sega's answer to the Street Fighter phenomenon. It came out on the Sega Genesis and got a semi-sequel on the Sega CD. That sequel was the only game for the system to use the extended color mode for 256-colors on screen at once. That means all of the fatalities, easily the best in the history of video games, came through with a gorgeous color palette. Now you can view them all in .gif form thanks to a dedicated gamer. Be warned that some of these are really brutal and parental discretion is advised.

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Oh my lord, Eternal Champions was MY game back in the day. I had both the Genesis and the Sega CD versions. I really got into that game, learning all the characters moves and fatalities. I can't tell you who my favorite fighter was, they all had their advantages.

The colors on the Sega CD version were just amazing in its time.

Is there an EMU out for it Matt, which is the best?

I found OS X emulation software, now to find the ROMs.

Gens is my favorite Genesis emulator. In order to play Sega CD games, you'll need to find a bios file. Roms for the Sega CD are tough to come by due to their size, but the Genesis ones can be found anywhere. (extremely offensive advertising, you've been warned) has most of what you need for the Genesis. You need to pay for access to the Sega CD section.

I'm not even sure if EC (Sega CD version) works with any emu's with the special color mode. Their tough to emulate I guess. Might have to look around Google to find out. I had a chart that listed what worked and what didn't. No idea where it was though. I learned the one game I wanted doesn't work and said screw it.

I found EC at Free ROMs.

Thanks for the information about


Sega CD rocked, so did Eternal Champions. I must say, if you have not come across this game, check it out as it is pretty slick!!

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