Gmail Steals Users From Hotmail

Most of the gains in users by Google's free Gmail Web-based e-mail service have come at the expense of Microsoft's Hotmail, an e-mail switching service said Wednesday.
Source: TechWeb

Back when I did not have a constant supply of 50 invites, I was doling out a very large percentage of invites to people who wanted to rid themselves from Hotmail. What does this say for your product, Microsoft?

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You wrote: "Back when I did *not* have a constant supply ..."

Does that mean you DO have a constant supply?

Today I finally got a gmail account inviteafter signing up months ago...I would like to send invites to friends but I guess I'll have to wait for those, too?

As an aside...I found you by exploring Bloglines and followed a link thru there...

Yes, I have 50 invites. When I give them away I seem to get more. I have had a GMail account for some time now, almost since the initial batch of invites went out.

I got the same letter from Google today, although I do not need it, I already have a GMail account (2 actually). I assume the "rules" about GMail invites still apply, even though Google is sending the invites out now. New GMail users do not get to invite other people right off the bat.

Bloglines - to be honest I never really understood the purpose of that site. I signed up a little while ago once I figured out they have YET another directory of RSS feeds. Its always nice to have new readers!

Tell your friends to send me an email at kenneth.edwards at if they want an invite, I have a ton to give away.


Hey I have a *ton* to give away too if anyone wants some.... liana.shanes at

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