Gmail Update and Invitation

Google finally emailed me to invite me to GMail. I obviously do not need one any more! But as I signed up for this in April, this is an automated email. This invite goes to the first person to click and sing up. Just please change the emergency email address ;)

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Thanks. I knew I added this blog for something!
(Even though 110% of the world seems to have a gmail account already...)

I don't understand. I have 150 Gmail invites, and can't seem to find anyone who wants one. You get "one" invite and it get's eaten up in minutes.

What's your secret?

I know - I have over 100 invites too! My secret: luck!

To everyone who asks me for a GMail account, (I have given over 100 invites out, and still give them out) please make sure you provide a valid email account.

It would really be irritating if this was months ago when we only got 7 invites at a time, to lose an invite because of an invalid email. Now it's no big deal because we get 50 at a time, and that 50 invites keeps appearing every time I login no matter how many I invite.

Bounced emails are annoying, nonetheless.


how can i sing up for gmail pleas help

EDITORS NOTE: I sent the invite.

David Reilly:

Thank-you if you can still help me start up my gmail account I just learned of gmail today yes today and I would like to have a google account and I also will when able will look forword to useing google talk or G messenger So again thank's

-- invitation sent.

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