Hideously Addictive Flash Game

They don't come much more entertaining then this. My record right now is 1419.56. The key are the power-ups, not necessarily the first hit.

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You have way too much time to sit in front of your laptop. I can't get anywhere near that score.

2199.96m! I discovered you can click the "AERIAL" when it turns red or blue to do a boost, and then I got lucky and hit a lot of boost girls too.

I probably shouldn't be doing this at work, though ...

2947.99! Okay, I should correct myself: It doesn't really matter WHERE you click. And try to click when it says "SPECIAL" and there's a sound like an alarm clock.

Having thoroughly beaten Matt's score (although as addictive as this game is, he's probably played it a lot more since he posted that), I'll get back to work now.

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