Hotmail Screw Job

Guest submission by Max Hostetler

You used to be able to check your Hotmail account via Entourage or Outlook. Well now to do the same thing, Microsoft is requiring you to have the Hotmail subscription which is $20 a year. It gives you increased e-mail storage and some other features along with remote checking, but I don’t want to pay that. Now I can’t even type e-mails and send them via Outlook, they’ve totally screwed me. WHAT THE CRAP? Now I have a hotmail account I’ll probably never use, who the hell uses webmail anyway?

Ken interjects:

I use webmail a lot. I use GMail and my own Meancode webmail when I am not sitting at my own computer. I know some people who live on webmail only, I could never do that myself.

I once had a Hotmail account too, a while ago. I didn't login to the account regularly enough, so they deleted it. Yahoo did the exact same thing. GMail has done the right thing in allowing you have access to their POP server for FREE. That 1 GB of storage doesn't hurt either.

I constantly hear about problems from people who use Hotmail. It usually goes like this "I can never receive emails from the (fill in blank) mailing list."

But I was not aware of not being able to check your email in Entourage or Outlook. I am sort of surprised too, since Microsoft is competing with so many businesses, not just Google.

By the way, if you need any more reasons, you should check out the Hotmail Sucks Web site.

Comments (1)

Gmail is very, very impressive considering it's free - it really does beat the competition hands-down. I do prefer to use an email client but having Webmail access is also useful if I'm using someone else's computer, which I do from to time. As such, all my accounts have Webmail access features in addition to IMAP/POP3.

I really wish Gmail would add IMAP as well - as someone who regularly uses multiple computers and multiple operating systems to have your email stored centrally is really useful.

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