PalmSource switching from HotSync to SyncML

This is gonna be really good news for anyone who has a Palm but not a PC—PalmSource is abandoning HotSync, the synchronization software they’ve been using for years and years, and replacing it with SyncML, a more open sync standard that should make it easier to build software for syncing Palms with computers running on other operating systems besides Windows. PalmSource pissed off a lot of Apple types when they announced last year that they were dropping support for Macs in Cobalt, the next version of the Palm operating system, and this seems more or less like their way of offering a compromise.
Source: Engadget

HotSync is a piece of crap on the Mac, in my opinion. BackupBuddy is a prime example of this. This is great news for the guture of PalmSource and PalmOne. I am not planning on moving away from my Tungsten T3 any time in the near future (my favorite PDA to date) but its still great to hear they are looking to new technologies for syncing.

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Nope - Hotsync is a POS on Windows as well. At least in my eyes.

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