Panic's Transmit 3 adds slew of new features

Panic today announced the release of Transmit 3, a major update to its award-winning Mac OS X FTP client. Transmit 3 adds a great deal of new features--many of which MacMinute covered last month--including: column view; tabs for multiple connections; a Finder-like sidebar (including per-server folders); redesigned Favorites; search; a new preview drawer with support for more image types and thumbnail zooming; dock status; spring-loaded folders and tabs; server to server transfers; linked folder navigation; improved synchronization; and full iDisk/WebDAV support.
Source: MacMinute

They had me at tabs.

I emailed Panic about Transmit 3 not importing Fetch bookmarks, as well as a duplicate favorites feature (I have many bookmarks to the same server, but pointed to different directories) and got an email back from Cabel Sasser saying they would consider the duplicate favorite feature.

Its a shame my Fetch bookmarks were not imported. I have a ton of them.

Read the rest of that MacMinute artice for more info on the new version of Transmit. Its got an impressive list of additions. Panic is really a first rate developer. I use Unison, and used to use Audiion back when it was competing with SoundJam.

Transmit is a really great looking app. I am about to switch from Fetch. If I can get my bookmarks into Transmit I will switch. Re-entering them all would be a pain.

I have only had 10 minutes to play with Transmit 3 but wow it is nice. Its a lot nicer then Fetch 4. It also costs more. But it has a much nicer feature set, not to mention a very nice UI.

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From the developer: Turns out a bug in 3.0.1 made it rarely successful at importing Fetch favorites. Fixed in 3.0.2, and sorry for any inconvenience.

I have been using Transmit 3 now for a full month, and I love it.

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