Review: Apple Wireless Keyboard

I have had my Apple Wireless Keyboard for 6 full months now. The batteries actually lasted 6 months! This is another great keyboard design from Apple. Although, I really miss having a power button on the keyboard, but it is great not having any wires.

Wether you want to spend $60 on a wireless keyboard without any stupid "internet" buttons is up to you. I had a Logitech keyboard for my PC with those extra buttons all over the place, I never used them. Apple keyboards have always been well built and designed well (except for that little keyboard that came with the original iMac) and I think the money is well spent.

And like I said, the 4 AA batteries lasted for 6 months. They would have probably lasted a week or two more but I got tired of seeing the alert messages telling me my batteries were low. They were getting more frequent anyways.

This keyboard has an extra F key, that is the only thing that is different. It has a F16 key. This might not mean much to you, but for people who like to use macros like me, its one more key I can map to something. Other then that F16 key, its just a normal Apple keyboard with Bluetooth instead of wires.

When I first got the keyboard, it lost its Bluetooth connection twice in a week. I was not happy. But since then, knock on wood, it has never lost its connection.

Pairing the keyboard to the computer is very easy, thanks to a Bluetooth Assistant. You are prompted to choose a device, then when it finds it, you need to type a unique number sequence and thats it, its paired.

It is worth a note that the 6 month time for the batteries were using Durracell and I did not turn the keyboard off except for when I left for the weekend. It does have a power button, that is a nice feature that more Bluetooth devices should have.

I am happy with the white, and with the keyboard in general. I liked the black Pro keyboards, but I have learned to like the white. It does show dirt really easy in comparison to the black Pro keyboards. But dirt is easy to wipe or brush off.

This is the best keyboard I have had. It is very solid and sturdy, something I could not say about the Logitech. Highly recommended.

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B. Moeller:

Ken, Did you assess any of the risks regarding bluetooth? Can the keyboard keystrokes be captured by anyone else? How about the range of it?

Nice article, especially the part about F16!

The keyboard works everywhere in my apartment. It even works quite well outside of my apartment. I do not have exact figures, but its further then you can physically see your computer screen.

I am not really clear on security issues with Bluetooth. But I have heard it is not the most secure. You can find a lot of stuff on Google, try "Bluetooth Gun," and of course "Bluetooth Security" and "Bluetooth Hacking."

I also found an @stake white paper.

I could not find anything specific to Apple Bluetooth Keyboards and compromising them.

I know a few Apple System Engineers and I will ask them to see if they could tell me anything.

Michael Embley:

The bluetooth keyboard is secure, it uses WPA i think, plus when your pairing the keyboard/computer it asks you for a unique sequence, so whoever tries to trace your keystrokes can't.


Been thinking about getting one myself. I've currently got the older Apple Pro USB keyboard, but would like something wireless.

From what I've read it works without any problems in Windows, but will the Apple Wireless Keyboard be recognised during boot/post. Say for example I want to modify the BIOS.


Do you have any idea how you can check the battery status of the Apple BT keyboard? I plan on buying rechargables as soon as the included ones die out, but it'd be nice to know when I need to throw them in the charger overnight. My Microsoft Bluetooth mouse tells me the battery life with the IntelliPoint software, but I can't find any function for the keyboard.


So.. does this wireless keyboard works on a PC? I have now an older apple keyboard with a wire and i want to buy this wireless now.

I would assume no. But I am guessing, and this is just a hunch, you could TRY LOOKING AT THE APPLE WEB SITE.

Hint, click here. That will get you to the Windows Compatibility forum on

Was that a little rough? Sorry, but with all the people posting comments on the popular threads here WITHOUT EVEN THINKING TO LOOK, I get a little frustrated.

Now, have a happy flippin' day!

And I swear, the next time someone posts one of the IDs to this site instead of putting it into the WheresGeorge site, I'm gonna, well, I don't know what I am gonna do.

Seriously folks. Just look on this interweb thing. If I have a question about Microsoft products I go to Microsoft's web site.

I had to snap, if only just this once BECAUSE HOLY FREAKING HELL DOES IT DRIVE ME BONKERS.

Sometimes I wonder if it is just Matt doing it to piss me off. OK I feel better now.

Real answer: I bet it will NOT work on Windows because it needs a driver to make the keybord work, NOT because it is a BT keyboard. But then I do not know if every BT keyboard is the same. Still, it takes software in Mac OS X to pair the keyboard to my computer, and other software in OS X to set the keyboard settings. I am guessing that those two pieces of software do not exist for Windows. But I might be wrong. It has happened once or twice before. I would head on over to the Windows Compatibility forum and ask there.


...the keyboard works fine in windows

Wireless keyboard can sit in a office conference room, Living room and can instantly go mobile with easy fitting in a briefcase or backpack.

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