Suday Madness Update

Well, after this escapade on Sunday, things have slowly worked themselves out. The lizards are fine. Angilas (if you know where that name is from, pat yourself on the back for being genuinely cool), the one that took a pretty heavy beating, is fine. Dropped in some crickets this afternoon and though he was a little hesitant, he came around and ate his share. He's not a fan of taking antibiotics by mouth (and we're not a fan of giving them), but I think we can pass on the vet visit as he seems fine and save $60+ in the process. Considering he only cost $20 to begin with, I think we've done our part.

Insurance is still an issue, just not as bad. I found a plan through Anthem that offers me decent coverage for $109 a month. Prescriptions and doctor visits are the same co-pay I had previously. I'll still need to pay 20% of anything major (emergency room, surgery, etc.), but since I really don't/can't do anything because of my back, it's kind of hard to really screw anything up that badly. Actually, it's all George Bush's fault. Maybe I'll just move to Canada.

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