The Missing Sync 4.0 first look

My T3 is dead.

Yesterday was not a good day for my Tungsten T3. I went to add an appointment at about 5 PM and it was dead. It had a fairly full battery that morning. I really did not think much of this as the battery has drained before and all I had to do was charge it to continue using it.

That was not the case this time. When I put it on the cradle and powered it on, the T3 had been wiped, like I did a hard reset. But I had not. It also seemed to have a full battery too. So I really do not know what the heck happened.

I had a fairly recent backup, and was able to sync it with HotSync over USB. Unfortunately I could not sync my data more then once using USB. So I setup Bluetooth (BT) to try that. I have never setup BT on my T3 but it was easy to pair it to my G5 to sync with HotSync. I was able to sync with BT. But BT is pretty darn slow.

Nothing I did allowed me to sync via USB. I tried a number of things, including totally uninstalling and deleting all Palm related files and conduits and reinstalling them. So thats it, I have had it with HotSync Manager.

I have heard so many good things about The Missing Sync, and I have had it up to here with HotSync Manager problems over the years, I bought The Missing Sync. It cost $39.95. Wow is it worth it.

Needless to say the end of the day (OK so it was morning by this time) my Tungsten T3 was syncing via USB once again, and with the added bonuses that The Missing Sync affords me.

FileMaker Mobile works, Entourage works, I am able to use iTunes and iPhoto with my T3 now. They even have an OS X conduit for AvantGo - something I have not been able to use since my OS 9 days because they decided not to support OS X. I haven't had time to setup AvantGo yet, but I will soon. That is such a great service.

So goodbye HotSync Manager and hello The Missing Sync. I will never go back. I should have switched sooner. You should take a look at the comparison chart and try it out for yourself.

So far I think it is worth the $40 price tag. I will have to use it for a little while before I make a final judgement. For right now its better then HotSync Manager, and thats enough.

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