VersionTracker takes SwapTop 1.9.2 offline

You may recall my February 12th opinions on SwapTop 2.0. It is now February 18th and VersionTracker no longer allows you to download version 1.9.2. If you go to the 1.9.2 page and click "Download Now" you are pushed to the Zonic site.

This is total bull crap if you ask me. Older versions of software should stay available. Especially if you drastically change the use and features of said application.

There still are a number of places to grab SwapTop 1.9.2, Softpedia being one of them. I am willing to bet that Zonic had VersionTracker take version 1.9.2 down. How long until they tell all the other software directory sites to do the same?

Zonic is trying to force people to pay $25 for SwapTop 2.0 which is not the same application that SwapTop 1.9.2 was. Zonic must like to tick people off. I don't know about you, but I don't like to be forced to use any software. I don't care who the developer is. Bad move Zonic. I urge you to email Zonic and tell them how you feel about this. I have already done so.

Thanks to my Dad for stumbling on this problem as he was trying to download SwapTop 1.9.2 to archive (something I suggest you do if you use SwapTop 1.9.2).

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