Violent Video Games Targeted Again

These new bills are always entertaining. California already had one violent video game bill fail to pass based on free speech. Now Leland Yee has resubmitted it with unspecified changes in an attempt to garner support. Anyway it's changed, it's hypocritical and a joke.

Beyond the fact that its been stated a million times that retail establishments should NOT be parents and should never be forced to monitor purchases of an 8-year old, why is this bill only geared towards games? What goes through a politician's mind that makes him ignore all the Hollywood action films with body counts equal to that of a game? What about the games based on R-rated movies? Should those movies not go under the same legislation?

Yee claims that "...Such games must also be determined to lack serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value to minors." Right, because the "Rambo" movie trilogy offers so much to a young kid. He lumps games together with alcohol and cigarettes, which is a travesty caused by someone who simply doesn't have a clue what they're talking about, or maybe it's just a guy looking to get his face on TV.

This is such an asinine issue, one that should never enter into a political battle. If they want to make a change, force parents to take an intelligence test before having a baby. Make sure in the text that they can tell the difference between an "E" and "M." Thats all thats required to figure out the ratings system. Obviously a lot of them would fail or this would all be a null issue.

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