Why Some Days Are Better Spent in Bed

One of my all time worst days was yesterday and I've got to vent somewhere. Why not BW? Warning: This is a long, overly dramatic and potentially boring rant. If you don't like this stuff, don't read it.

Back story (literally): In '02, I hurt my back at work, herniated a disc and all that stuff. Been through surgeries, tests, multiple doctors, therapy, etc. I was a manager at the time of the injury and now it's possible that I may never get better. Workers Comp is not fun and awfully, awfully slow. That certainly hasn't helped the situation in the least. So, my doctor declares me Maximally Medically Improved a few weeks back, basically stating that there's little chance I'll ever get better and zero chance I'll ever get back to where I was normally. As for work, I get scheduled once in a while, maybe one day every two weeks. Pretty normal I would think for an employee with heavy (very heavy) restrictions combined with minimal hours available post-Christmas. I'm fine with it and I certainly don't blame them.

So, onto today. I get a phone call from work at around 3:30:

"As of this phone call, you no longer have health insurance since you're now part time."

So, not only did I have absolutely no warning as to this coming (I've been working like this for months), it's not even my fault that I'm down to part time. I have an appointment with a specialist in a month for other issues that are potentially related to my back. That would run me at least $175, not including pills since it has yet to be proven it is my back (that's a whole new set of problems if the doctor believes it is). Not good. Basically, anything to do with my back is covered for the rest of my life. As of now, anything else falls right on me.

So, after I cool off from that escapade, I head downstairs (we have way too many steps) to my main entertainment room so I can get my two ferrets out for some play-time (every day thing; they absolutely need this time or they become depressed and die). I pop in a game and let them go on their way like I always do. A large, heavy table separates the room so they're only able to stay on my side of the basement and the laundry room.

About a half hour in, I hear some incredible noise coming from the other side of the basement. I try and rush over there ASAP, but that table isn't exactly easy for me to move over. I managed just to kind of slide it over without much trouble on the rather slick carpeting. I get on the other side to see one of my ferrets tearing apart one of my two Sudan Plated Lizards I love absolutely dearly (inside the rather shoddy, cheaply constructed kiddie pool pen that's turned out better than one would expect, easy to clean, even for me). The other lizard has the side of his face practically torn off in a pool of blood.

I bend over (which hurts like hell), fling the ferret off over to the proper side of the basement (I still have no idea how the hell he got out; it's been fool proof since I've owned them, going on three years) and just stare. It's a mess. The one lizard seems fine, but she's kind of flighty and it's hard to see any damage. The other, a truly loyal little critter, just lays there staring at me. I completely break down thinking he's gone due to the insane amount of blood over the rocks. In all honesty, they can't live without each other. If one goes, the other goes. They're honestly like husband and wife, lizard style. You never see one without the other.

My parents rush down to figure out what's going on due to the noise and it turns out he's alive. His breathing is bad and blood is gushing. There's only one thing to do: Emergency vet. I have no choice. There's no way I'll sit there and watch him bleed to death. Trying to find an emergency vet at 6 PM on a Sunday night during a major snow storm is not easy, especially one who will deal with exotics like these lizards. So, with a towel and lizard combo in one hand trying to stop the blood and a phone book in the other barely able to talk while drowing in tears, I find a vet. I can't drive due to my back so my parents have to. Get there and they take him in immediately. Three hours we wait and I can hardly sit, especially with their super hard, uncomfortable chairs. $105 later, he seems ok. Stressed as hell, but ok. We need to give him meds by mouth for the next couple of days and follow up with my vet tomorrow, which is at least another $60 not including more medications (lizards are very easily taken by infection).

So, now tomorrow it's time to find insurance and take a lizard to another vet. Another wonderful day lined up. Thankfully the ferret seems to be fine. That's about the only positive to come from this day.

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