Xbox 2 set to feature removable hard drive?

Microsoft's next-generation Xbox console is set to feature a removable hard drive bay, according to online reports today, which will allow users to upgrade their entry-level systems to include mass storage capabilities.

Citing a "reliable source", technology news site Engadget revealed details of the removable hard drive, claiming that the unit attaches to the top of the console "in a really slick way, almost like the hood scoop on a muscle car."


Well if his is true, it will be easier to make the Xbox 360 into the ultimate multimedia server. Even more games, music, and movies! I am more interesting the wireless controllers. While the controller cord on the Xbox is nice and long compared with the PS2 and GC, I still love wireless. Nintendo's WaveBird is wonderful. While I am on the subject, why in the word can't someone (Sony?) make a good wireless controller for the PS2? I cannot find a good review to save my life.

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The more junk they add, the higher the cost, the less power reserved for games, and more stuff people don't need. God forbid if we should actually get a GAME system anymore.

Logitech is the only good wireless for the PS2, at least as far as I've read. The newer ones are supposed to be really solid.

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