1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo

If you can score one of these (Froogle) you can count yourself lucky. SanDisk is not shipping these in the mass quantity needed for the demand from us lucky PSP owners (yes, I pre-ordered one).

The best deal I could find was $108 from onsale.com. Thats a lot better then the $149 at EB Games. But if you wait a few months I would bet that price will drop well below $100. Flash memory always drops.

With all the possibilities for video, audio, and photos (not to mention the video games) of the PSP, I am sure people will be buying larger and larger Memory Stick Pro Duos.

Once the price for Memory Sticks gets low enough to compete with devices like the Creative Zen, the Sony PSP is going to have another gadget to directly compete with.

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Costco is selling Sandisk 1GB SD cards for $90.00. >:)

joahn600 - I approved this comment only to ask you a question, here, publicly.

SD? SD would mean Secure Digital. SD does not mean Memory Stick, or more specifically, Memory Stick Pro Duo - which coincidentally is the media format of choice for the Sony PSP. Since its a Sony product, its obviously going to take Sony media.

On a somewhat related note, Costco (on their site) does not even sell Memory Stick Pro Duo media.

The details, its the details.


Yes, Costco does have memory stick pro duo. I picked up my 512mb, not 1gb for 87.99 CDN.

too bad their site does not have one Memory Card Duo :(

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