A letter from Breaking Windows Inc. on the PSP

Dear readers,

It has come to our attention that some of you may feel we are Sony PSP fan boys due to the amount of postings on the topic. This is simply not true (*1). We love our Nintendo DS (*2). We still love playing quality titles like "Pokemon Dash" and touching that screen (*3). "Ridge Racer" on the DS is just as enjoyable as it is on the PSP (*4). Both systems have a plethora of enjoyable titles that never cease to amaze us (*5). We will resume out regular unbiased coverage of all the systems soon (*6). Until then, please know that we give no favoritism to any systems (*7).

Thank you,

Breaking Windows Inc.

(*1: We're also pathological liars.

(*2: Well, one of us has one and that one has lost it and hasn't looked for it since last week.

(*3: Actually, touching our PSP and looking at the resulting fingerprint is more enjoyable.

(*4: Actually, the PSP version is more like "Citizen Kane" and the DS version is kinda like "Mansquito."

(*5: The word "plethora" only applies to the PSP. Sorry for any confusion. Oh, and we haven't been amazed by anything on the DS since the day it launched.

(*6: See *1.

(*7: Actually, we're our PSPs bitches.

Comments (2)


hey i cant find out wut the WEP Key for the psp is can it b any random letters n or numbers or am i sopost 2 pull it out of sum were. i have a wireless conation n shit i just dont kno how 2 do plz get bac @ me

You need to look on your computer n shit. Or maybe search Google n shit. Or maybe look at the other topics here on BW where we talked about this n shit. Just sayin n shit. I mean, shit.

It's really cool how the about the only word you spelled right was shit too... n shit.

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