Adobe Acrobat Toolbar Worse than Malware?

Yes, it is worse then malware. But thats not the point.

If I have not gotten enough comments and traffic because of my post of this over at Blogcritics, today I was Slashdotted. And yes, all hell broke loose. The story is still on the front page of too, so the referral and visits numbers keep piling up.

All of my web sites (including paying customers) were down for an undetermined amount of time this afternoon. They are back up now thankfully. It must have went unnoticed because I have not received any irate emails.

Mail was down, more specificly web mail was down, and is still a little wonky. I can get POP3 mail though. Everything seems to be doing OK now. This afternoon things were not pretty though.

And let me just say this: thank god I did not turn on dynamic publishing months ago when Movable Type 3.0 came out. And thankfully I did not have any images attached to that blog post. Since I am using a static Movable Type install, it has done just fine.

Getting Slashdotted and getting hit by WIRED (for my G4TechTV/TSS interview on WIRED News) are two completely different animals. WIRED brought the visits, but not anything like Slashdot.

So thanks Slashdot. I survived. But please, it would be nice to keep this to one a month, or I will have a horrendous bandwidth bill to deal with. Luckily I have more bandwidth then I really need right now, or I would have been slammed with an overage bill today!

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