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Russian online music site will continue to operate, after Russian prosecutors concluded they cannot take legal action against the music store. Finally prodded into motion by continuous lobbying by the RIAA, International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, and other copyright holders, Russian law enforcement officials began an investigtation of the service two weeks ago.
Source: ArsTechnica

Did you hear that? That was the sound of the entire world's sigh of relief. It helps when you find a loophole in a law. There has been quite a lot of ink splattering from publications such as WIRED Magazine as to the validity and legality of If anything, this investigation has proven what most had feared: it is legal under Russian law. offers high-quality recordings (even lossless if that's what you want) at a low price to anyone, anywhere, on any platform. If the site continues to grow in popularity, it may give the labels second thoughts about raising their prices.
So this turned into something very good for Who would have thought of that. In some ways this investigation validates the service and gave them plenty of press.

I just wonder how long the service will last now that it has hit mainstream news.

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boris2006: charges $0.02/1M (2 cents for 1Mbyte) of lossless encoding, no DRM, no encryption. all formats are available for any file - OGG Vorbis, MPEG-4 AAC, MPEG+, etc.
after you downloaded the file you can store the file, copy the file, do whatever you want. (one can also google allofmp3 english)

When people talk about $6/month (~80 tracks from allofmp3) i ask myself why should i rent when i can buy and choose any format i want.

i love allofmp3 and lavamus they are gerat sites!

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