Apple Dashboard Contest Winners

Apple has been running a Dashboard contest (I guess I forgot to post about it) and it has just ended. the two winners are Send SMS and WikityWidget.

Send SMS provides the ability to send a message on the spur of the moment to someone without having to launch the Address Book application. Send SMS combines the instantly available Tiger Dashboard with Short Message Service, or SMS.
WikityWidget is a personal notepad with automatic linking. Using a simple notebook-style interface, WikityWidget lets you easily jot down and organize notes with hypertext links so they're easy to find and instantly available via the Mac OS X Tiger Dashboard.
WikityWidget really sounds impressive when you read about how it works, including using SQLite and that it uses "Wiki technology." hence the name.

If you have been lucky enough to score yourself a developer key for Tiger, you already know how cool Dashboard is. For those who will have to wait until Tiger goes on sale, :P

No no, just kidding. Just like Expose has become something I use every day, Dashboard is going to be another part of the Mac OS that I will soon say "how did I live without it."

Talking about Dashboard widgets, you should check out the Widget Archive at as well as others at Dashboard Developer.

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