DeliciousExporter is perfect extension to Library

Until we see Delicious Library 2.0, or 1.5, or whatever the next version is, we have to look elsewhere for the most wanted feature of this award winning piece of software.

DeliciousExporter exports your library into web pages. It is a simple point and click application. But it gives you very extensive options for templates if you explore. Oh and it is free.

Its almost a given that the next version of Delicious Library will have HTML export, but until then we have DeliciousExporter, and it does a fantastic job.

You can see my movies, music, books and games. I have to update it, as I finally scanned in my entire video game collection (I know I do not come close to you Matt, but few can).

I will probably never be able to get all my music scanned in, as I have such a large digital library. But as I have bought new albums I have added them to Library. There is a very beta program to import your iTunes Library into Delicious Library, but it does not work for me. I figure that is because of the size of my music collection. Maybe we will see iTunes integration into the next major release of Delicious Library. We can all hope.

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