Developers To Be Held Accountable for Gamer's Actions?

Not content with allowing legal jackals like Jack Thompson to attempt to sue the freedom of expression out of gaming companies, lawmakers in Washington State want to hold the makers and sellers of violent video games liable for the actions of idiot teenagers.

House Bill 2178 would make game developers and publishers responsible for the actions of any one under 17 who commits a crime, due in any part to playing a game. Just how a person would go about proving that the law breaking was due to a game is beyond me.

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This opinion piece has a point. What if you apply this same wacked idea to music and movies. But lets not stop there, what about books?

What the hell is wrong with our society that people can no longer be held responsible for their own actions?
What the hell is wrong with our government that they can no longer hold parents responsible for their own children's actions.

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AMEN BROTHER! If this were to go through, There would be a lot of very boring content out there in the movies, music, TV, books, magazines, etc...

I have said all along that if these kids are acting out violent video games, what happened to the parents of these kids? Why are they not taking an active roll in their development?

If anyone should be held responsible for these kids actions, it's their parents. You can't just have kids and then bring them up like you would a pet.

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