Eliminate 95% of Comment Spam

If you use Movable Type chances are you use MT-Blacklist. If you don't you should think about using it. Two days ago I added a string to MT-Blacklist that has so far blocked 531 spam comments. That is 531 blocked in 2 days. What did I block? The H1 tag. Yep, thats it. I found that the majority of comment spam I get starts with a H1 tag.

I have eliminated at least 95% of my comment spam. Any time saved cleansing comment spam from the system is such a relief. Comment spam eradication is the worst part of maintaining a blog.

I really wish that Six Apart (or anyone else) could do something significant with the problem. There have been large contributions to the effort like MT-Blacklist and MT-Moderate that make my life easier, but there needs to be even more effort to eliminate the spam. Spam takes the fun out of blogging.

I am just glad it was something as easy as adding a simple H1 string to MT-Blacklist that killed so much spam for me. I should have done it months ago.

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Oooh, didn't think of that one. Thanks.

In return, you might want to block 'carisoprodol' and 'flexeril', and the URL patterns 'satellite?tv', 'direct(v|-tv)' and 'ring?tones'.

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