ESPN's Tilt Season Finale

Tilt has been a good series, it has kept me interested each week. The acting has not been too over the top. The amount of cameos has been unreal. It sure helps to sell the series to have real poker players like David Williams, Daniel Negreanu, and Phil Hellmuth. Throw in the humor of Norman Chad, and that faux telecast look, and Tilt has some lofty production values. Michael Madsen is always a solid actor, and plays yet another great antagonist. Good acting all around, really.

ESPN did a good job of tying things up in this season ending episode. Eddie beat Don Everest and Don made his money to buy a part of the Colorado. Everyone wins. All is tied up nice and neat, yet they there is room for a second season. The very last scene leaves some story possibilities open, and we are left wondering about Lownall. We are left with the needed closure, something Playmakers did not have.

Will we see another season? I mean, they don't have the NFL crying to their commissioner. Poker is huge right now, and ESPN has found a way to extend the rather short 5 week 'season' with scripted poker.

It would only make sense to compare this to ESPN's other foray into scripted entertainment: Playmakers. It is a shame that Playmakers got negative press because of the NFL. But a threat to pull NFL telecasts is a rather large wager, and it didn't look like they were bluffing. ESPN has found someone that is not going to get ruffled feathers over sex, drugs, and video tapes. In this regard Tilt turned out better.

Michael Madsen made ESPN's Vegas shine. I hope to see season 2, and will most likely buy the season 1 DVD.

I guess the big question is should ESPN be making movies/tv shows? To the criticism I have seen to this point: I don't see why not. The production values are there, the shots and editing in Playmakers and Tilt was top notch. ESPN has the money and the sports personalities to make it work. Let them entertain us.

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R. Dombrowski:

Loved "Tilt". When will the second season begin?

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