First Gamefly experience: Not good

I'm still not sold on online video/game rentals. There's nothing inconvenient about running down the video store unless you don't have one close to your home. The biggest discrepancy though is in selection. For a gamer, portables are out of reach. Unless you have a specialty store in your area, you're out of luck. That's where comes in.

They're one of the only outlets to rent out Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance and soon-to-be-released Sony PSP games. It's simple. Sign on, select a one or two game plan, pick your games, and they're in the mail in the order you have chosen. That's all well and good, assuming everything goes smoothly.

I decided to rent some DS games since I haven't played it in some time. The plan also benefits me because I'm planning on nabbing a PSP at launch and that falls within the month I have paid for. So, I put some DS games in my "Game Q," a fancy name for a want list. Everything I ordered was in stock, impressive to say the least. Since they're located in California and I'm in Ohio, the game took about 4 days to arrive. Not too bad, but not great either.

The first game on my list, "Asphalt Urban GT," arrived today. I get the mail, rip open the envelope, and prepare to play. Unfortunately, an XBox game is not going to run on the DS. Yes, they somehow managed to mix up an XBox copy of "Mercenaries" (a DVD basically) and a DS game (a small chip, maybe the size of a small cracker). That's not a good first impression.

So, what do I now? I need to send the wrong game back within seven days or be charged for it. Plus, I need to wait for them to send me the right game. That's over a week gone of my monthly period, which really isn't all that cheap (reasonable compared to a real store, but not so much considering all this trouble). They may have just lost a customer on their very first game shipment. Not smart.

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