Game bill picks up steam in Illinois

Called The Safe Games Illinois Act, the bill would supersede current ESRB ratings when it comes to video games with "violent and sexually explicit" content, according to that state's governor's office.

In effect, the bill would allow state officials to determine standards that would form the basis for a ratings system somewhat similar to what the ESRB currently has in effect.

Source: GameSpot

The sad thing here is the fact that this bill should not have to exist in the first place.

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There is still some sense left in politics. USA Today's version of the article has a great quote from Bill Black, one of those represenative types:

"I'm asking you to stand up for the First Amendment. I'm asking you today to tell parents, 'That's your responsibility, not mine,'"

Best.... quote.... ever.

Then, to make things fall apart and make me lose all hope, another House person goes into this 3-part rant:

"They're watching police officers getting their heads blown off. They're defecating on people. They get extra points for sleeping with prostitutes,"

Number 1: Yeah, that happens.

Number 2: No, that doesn't happen. In fact, I don't believe it's ever happened. You can take a leak on someone in "Primal Rage," but not poop on them.

Number 3: Last time I checked, all of 6 games a year still use a point system and none of them earn you point for having sex. Check and mate.

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