Luxpro Corp. rips off iPod shuffle

Taiwanese company Luxpro Corp. is showing off an iPod shuffle clone called Super shuffle at this week's CeBit trade show in Hannover, Germany. From the front, the device is physically identical to Apple's iPod shuffle, straight down to the control pad and white earbuds. It touts features the iPod shuffle lacks, however, including an FM tuner and a voice recorder.
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This is not your ordinary rip off, this is a RIP OFF. Apple has sued for less. This should be a fun lawsuit.

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How are going to be able to sue them? They are a company based in Tiawan. I really doubt that Apple can touch them there. Can They?

They certainly won't be selling any of them here in the states and other countries that have customs that consider things like that illegal.

We shall see.

Are we really sure this is a real company? Looking at the site, they really only have one other product with a couple of variations on it. It's possible someone setup a huge hoax. However, the site is owned by someone in Tiawan. So who knows. Should be interesting one way or the other. :)

I would be willing to bet they don't ever sell it. I don't think that it matters one bit that they are not on American shores.

Tim Houghton:

Of course it doesn't matter. Apple has a presence in Taiwan, they can just sue them there should they desire. On the other hand, I'm sure that LuxPro wants to sell in the US too, in which case Apple can sue them in both jurisdictions.

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