Major School Shooting

Yes, I feel bad for those that died. Yes, this is a tragedy.

But, they're going to blame it on "Doom,""The Matrix," or "Grand Theft Auto." The question is why? Why can't people realize it's all because some idiot parent decided not to watch their kid, didn't realize he was going off the deep end, and didn't do anything to stop him. Everyone will start asking "Oh my, how did this happen? I don't understand!" I'll tell you... Parents in America have become lazy idiots. It has nothing to do with games, nothing to do with some theological downfall of society, and it surely has nothing to do with him taking prescription drugs. Everything, absolutely every little piece of the puzzle, leads to the parents. There's not a single argument you can bring to the table to deny that either. Call me heartless, but this stuff has to stop and it all begins at home.


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Yep, I could not agree more. I, too, feel that parents in America have become lazy, expecting the government, media companies, and schools to teach their children morals and ethics, rather than trying (from a young age) to instill this into their own kids at a young age.

Now we are seeing the backfire, and instead of looking at ourselves, the typical solution, instead, is to find an easy scapegoat. Video games and music have always been the easy target for the past couple of decades, and this trend will, unfortunately, continue. Those imbedded in corporate America can really understand this, as it seems pointing the finger is easier than actually taking credit for your actions.

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