Nikon Coolscan V ED for Student Publications

I have bought two Nikon Coolscan V ED film scanners for Student Publications. This has been a long time coming. We have a couple SprintScan 35s that we bought off of eBay years ago. The SprintScan is SCSI, and we now only have one SCSI capable Mac in The BG News currently. And one more in The KEY Yearbook. Not to mention that OS X does not really like SCSI. Add to that the fact that Polaroid does not even make OS X drivers, and you can start to see my headache with the SprintScan 35.

I was successful at using VueScan for some time to get the SprintScan to work in OS X. This worked with varying degrees of success, never really well. Then about the time 10.3.7 came out I could not use the SprintScan. The updates to VueScan were no help at all. Apple System Profiler either said I had 7 SprintScan's hooked up or I had none. This was the last straw.

I have been asking for new scanners for a while now. If for anything, knowing that when someone needs to use one, it works, period. That shouldn't be too much to ask. I had exhausted many options in trying to get these ancient SprintScan scanners to work.

My boss agreed and I started looking. It is amazing how the price of Nikon film scanners have come down over the years. We should get them next week. It will be so nice to use a scanner that has native, first party, drivers for OS X.

The SprintScan worked fine under OS 9, I had no problem at all with them. But much like any other SCSI device, they are not very OS X friendly. I am happy to be rid of that headache.

More when I get to unpack these new toys.

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