Open source underlying MSN?

Could open-source tools be behind Microsoft's own MSN service?

An image posted online indicates that some of Microsoft's own developers apparently prefer open-source products to build Web pages than Microsoft's own proprietary software.

Source: C|Net

What? You mean that ASP and SQL Server isn't used for all Microsoft sites? Heaven forbid that LAMP be involved. My guess is that this site is outsourced and these subcontractors don't really like Microsoft's web tools. Or is the image just a hoax. Either way, its pretty funny. Especially since Microsoft has a passion for hating on Open Source.

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I wouldn't say that Microsoft hates open source. To help grow the ASP.NET community the site has many web applications and tools that are open source. These can be used as starting blocks to learn or develope better applications. They even allow anyone to sell products developed from the starter applications. Also, Microsofts versions of .NET languages might not be open source, but they helped develop the standard for the CLR (Command Language Runtime) and anyone can develop a language based on that. That is what the MONO project is all about. Bringing .NET to linux.


Considering the massive amount of linked resources used in portals these days I'd say it is more likely that the "cinefabe" link the user is visiting sources data from other pages and it is that which is throwing the mysql error, rather than the MSN site itself.

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