PSP Launch Madness

There was no problem finding a PSP in Bowling Green Thursday or Friday. The big problem was finding the games. Myself and my friend Chris pre-ordered our PSPs at 2 Play. 2 Play, like most other retailers required you to buy two games for the "bundle" that Sony is apparently insisting people buy. This is a practice I do not agree with. What if I only want to spend $300 (PSP plus one game).

2 Play is your standard small video game store. It has new and used games. It also has a large selection of classic and arcade games too, but that is besides the point. They got 16 PSPs and were sold out pretty quickly.

They did not get all of the launch games. Namely, they did not get the launch games that Chris and I wanted. I pre-ordered games with my PSP, games which a 2 Play employee said he would order and have on Thursday. NBA Street got pushed back, but two other games I pre-ordered (as in put money down for) were not available at 2 Play.

My friend is in worse shape as he had to pay for his games, even though he did not get them, when he bought his PSP. So he has to wait for 2 Play to get the games in. Even though other stores around Bowling Green have the games he wants.

Not only that, 2 Play told me that Lumines and Untold Legends was not a launch title. Wrong. Finding these titles was a little bit of a problem though. Sam Goody at the Woodland Mall had Untold Legends, a few copies left at about 7 PM Thursday night when I got to the mall - they did not get Lumines. Meijer (of all places) had Lumines in a large quantity.

Meijer hardly has games before 2 Play. Sam Goody hardly ever has games before 2 Play. 2 Play had no PSP titles that the other stores didn't have. I would have been better getting a PSP at Miejer or Sam Goody to be honest. I should have gotten it all at Sam Goody as I have a Replay account there. But hindsight is 20/20, right?

For completeness of this article, I must state that I did not consult the local Wal-Mart. It is on the other side of town, and I had no need to make the drive. I don't think I have ever consulted a Wal-Mart for video games.

Needless to say Chris will not be buying anything from 2 Play again, he was not happy when we last talked about this. And I don't blame him.

I am not all that happy with 2 Play either. They did not have God of War and Sam Goody did. Sam Goody even had it for $40. So in the matter of two days, 2 Play has lost three software purchases from me. I am sure I am not the only one that 2 Play lost out on.

I usually find that the smaller video game store has the games faster, even for a console launch, because they care more about the gamer. 2 Play has been very disappointing in this regard.

I guess this is why I usually buy my games online. Online stores, like, had the stock of launch titles for the PSP.

Back to the main point, (yes there is one) I do not understand why the distribution of software was so varied at the launch of the PSP. One store had X game, another had Y game, and yet another only had Z game.

I ordered three games from, I should have just bought them all there. I even got those titles days before the official launch of the PSP. But then there is that two game "bundle" and the fact that you cannot trust a store for having the titles you pre-ordered with your PSP.

I probably won't be going to 2 Play much any more. But its all about who has the games first. But in the end, broken promises make for upset customers. Don't promise what you can't deliver. Small video game stores need their loyal customers more then chain stores.

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daniel hardwick:

can you tell me how i can get windows for my psp as i cant find the appropriate file

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