PSP, WEP, and Apple's AirPort

Setting up a PSP with an Apple Airport is a bit different then going down to the local Grounds for Thought (simple setup). The reason is those places, coffee shops, usually do not use WEP (Wireless Encryption Protocol) and in my apartment, I do.

If you turn WEP off on an AirPort Basestation it is as simple as naming your connection, scanning for the SSID, and selecting "Easy" setup. Sony really did a wonderful job in the User Interface department, especially when it comes to something as complicated as connecting to a HotSpot.

The problem comes with the fact that Apple does not mandate that your WEP password is the correct length. In the real world of WEP (non Apple devices) they actually require that your WEP key is a specified length dependent on the bit level of encryption. If you are using HEX or ASCII encoding these passwords can get as high as 26 to 40 characters long. Yea, thats a long pass code! Your Mac sitting in your house doesn't care about all that mumbo jumbo. You can put any old password in the AirPort Admin utility and it will take it.

I learned over at Gaming-Age that I could get away with a 13 character WEP Key. Once you set your WEP key and update your AirPort you can setup your PSP. Now just setup your PSP for Wi-Fi Infrastructure mode:

1. Flip the Wi-Fi switch to the "on" position on your PSP
2. Go to "Settings"
3. Go to "Network Settings"
4. Select "Infrastructure Mode"
5. Select "-New Connection-"
6. Name the connection
7. In the next screen, press "Scan" to find your Airport
8. Then, in the following screen, enter the 13 character WEP Key
9. Next, for Address Settings, select "Easy"
10. Save Settings and Test Connection

After doing this I was playing Twisted Metal: Head On in my apartment in no time. And I have piece of mind that no one is going to jack my cable internet connection.

If it is not apparent by now: you should have WEP turned on if you have a home wireless access point, from Apple or otherwise.

I want to thank "Chittagong" over at Gaming-Age for posting this information. Especially as I was about to try a 26 and 40 character WEP key. That would have been fun on the PSP key pad!

You can now read more about PSP Tunneling, so you can get even more out of your games.

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ok i have a question where do u find ur wep code on your computer in the first play i've been trying to access my own and i don't know my wep code please help


Did you see my "PSP, WEP, and Apple's AirPort - Take 2" post?

What wireless router are you using? If you are using an AirPort from Apple, you would use AirPort Admin Utility (on both Mac or Windows). If you have a Linksys wireless router, then I would assume there is a Linksys router utility.

Hope that helps.


im setting it up but ikeep getting a error how can i fix this the error code is 80410d07

Short answer: keep trying.

I got this same error (a lot of people have) a few times before I got it to work. I cannot recall, it was months ago, but I don't think my password was long enough.

I called that tech. support number they have on a slip inside the PSP box. A couple times I called them, hoping to get someone who had a clue. They could tell me nothing of this error. Other then to type the WEP key and try again. I finally did and I have never had an issue since.

*knocks on wood*

jeffery talancon:

i dont know whats a wep key


Just stuck at the part where i enter the key. I do have a Linksys Router Set up in my apartment. Help me with the steps i need to take!!


How can I find out what my 13 character WEP key is? I keep getting an error code.Please help,Im going nuts trying to upgrade to 2.0 Thanks Ed.

I posted this comment over at my Blogcritics version of this post.

In Windows (and Mac for that matter) if you do not know your WEP key, you probably do not have one. Most likely one has not been set yet.

And for the record, I have absolutely no clue how to find a WEP key in Windows. I have an Apple AirPort Express, and I use it for my Mac, PC, and PSP in my apartment.

Therefore, I have never used any other brand of wireless router. I have never setup a wireless router in all my years of providing tech support other then one from Apple.

I would highly recommend that you check out the help documentation that came with your wireless router (Linksys for example) or check the manufacturers site, or call the manufacturers help line.

It cannot possibly in a million years be this difficult to figure out where in the admin tool of brand x wifi router were you SET your WEP key.

To further clarify, your WEP key is not "found" in Windows per se, it is in the admin too/web page of your wifi router. You need to turn it on.

If you are using your wifi router WITHOUT having WEP turned on you are just asking for all kinds of trouble and freeloaders as it is.

So regardless of your shiny PSP, I implore you to turn on WEP.

It is probably in a section called Security, or something like that. Why these companies make these things difficult is beyond me. It is a simple option to turn on, and you should have it on anyways.

Edward - to answer your specific question: You do not "find" your 13 character WEP key. You MAKE a 13 character WEP key. It all depends (as I state in the comment I posted at Blogcritics) what kind of wifi base station you use. If it is Linksys, then just Google "Lynksys WEP" or similar and you will find documentation on setting your WEP Key. If it is an Apple AirPort, this is in the AirPort Admin Utility. Otherwise, I DO NOT KNOW every single wifi base station configuration on earth. So I cannot answer your question. Believe me when I say this: If I could, I would. It would certainly stop people from asking this same exact question over and over.

Just look in the instructions that came with your wireless base station, or ask your ISP/Internet Provider who provided you with the wifi base station, and SET the WEP key to 13 characters.

Good luck!


CAN U JUST GIVE ME THE WEP KEY U USED PLZ???? i am beggin u...................... thank u

Jamie Kelly:

Oh my Lord Ken Edwards READ WHAT HAS BEEN WRITTEN, it is up to YOU to choose a WEP key, after all it is YOUR network and YOU are resonsible for who is allowed on it or not. If the WEP was a standard password that everyone knew what would be the point of having a password?

Do some research, maybe even read your instruction manual and you will discover how to CREATE your WEP.

Um.. OK. I am not quite sure but I think Jamie Kelly is a bit confused. I am not the one trying to find my WEP key. I have CREATED mine, as Jamie puts it.

But may I stress this: "Do some research, maybe even read your instruction manual and you will discover how to CREATE your WEP."

And no, those were not my words.


every time i try to connect to the linksys server it says connection error


To find out your WEP code just go to a computer with wireless internet already on it and type in the URL box. It will then ask for a username and password. Type admin as the password and leave the username blank. Then go to Wireless then below it go to Wireless Security. Next to Key 1: is your WEP code. I know this works with Linksys. I havent tried it with any other wireless networks.

what it a wep key and what is my wep key passsword



I have a PSP and a DS. With an Airport Extreme Base Station. DS will get online with a 10 character WEP key. Sony will with a 13 characters or a 13 character WPA2 Personal password.

I've tried tons of variations. Anyone have the same problem? For now I change my encryption when playing the corresponding system. LAME.


It should be noted that the technique which allows you to use a simple 13-character key (a workaround provided by Linksys or Apple or whoever) makes your final 64-bit key quite easy to crack. One no longer has to figure out a long string of hexadecimal gibberish, but rather simply your alphanumeric 13-character catch phrase.


Network a Mac Airport Express Network with the PSP. Open "Airport Admin Utility" from "Utilities" folder in the "Applications" folder. Select base station. With "Airport" button selected, click "Passowrd." Here is the WEP key/password.

Travis, I do not want to remember, or have to write down a 128 bit hexadecimal key. And I think I said that Apple doesn't follow strict WEP guidelines. The 64-bit key does happen to work with the PSP however, and that is the reason for this exercise.

I am the type of person who changes my passwords, so I would not exactly call it "easy" to crack. "easier" sure, but I run my passwords for days on this really nifty OS X app that sees how secure they really are.

And if someone wants to use my Internet connection, and are that motivated to do so, then they can go ahead, I really do not care.

The point of the matter has been lost however - that was being able to use WEP and get online with your PSP.


ok um.. here is my problem! i've tried to make up my own password for my WEP but it keeps saying some kind of error WTF do i do!!?? o and how the hell do i use the freaken internet! i downloaded version 2.6! but it said there was not connection for it to download the internet or some thing like that! wait no i mean i got the internet but not the program like example:yahoo! so someone plz help me ASAP!!! o yea and where do i go to download games for free! hehe! ok then peace!!!


Ill i want to no is how to find out my WEP address or password or what ever it is i just want to no the code just tell me where to go like in control pannel or what o yea iand for windows not Mac



How do i find out my wep key??????¿“§




right go to my website every1 who need to no there wep for there psp read threw it and i garentee u wil understand and please leave ur troubles and coments in the box and ill definetly get back to u i was just like u its a pain in the ass

michael - have you ever heard of the print screen button?

Better yet, how about a dictionary, spell checker, or grade school level education so any of that could make sense?

Hello, i have a few questions

I live in an apartment. One day i decide i need a network conection. i know how to do it all, i got a 85% signal perfect, but the problem is that it ask for a WEP code does the guy who owns the router know what it is? JUst give me as much information as u can possibly think of i need to play socom Online!!!!!!!! oh and if u are a holder of Socom fire team bravo become my friend online and i will wanna play u son of a bitch u .... that will be all.


can sum1 plz tell me how i put a wep on psp cause i dont know how to do it


were is my IP ADDRESS at


hey im having the same WEP problem, but i dont have a wireless router i dont think, but i get a very strong signal, i have wireless interent in my laptop though, a


this would have to be one of the dumbest group of posts i have seen in my life. i am amazed that some of you are even on the internet. how the f&^*^*& did you get on? god help us. it gives me an idea though to sell the same wep key to every dumb ass! I would make a killing! feel real sorry for you Cory...btw the psp has a wep issue, ie if it is not 128bit then it will not work with the airport for all I know..that is why only 13 characters or greater works. A 40 bit hex key will not work. Make sure you select 128bit as ur encryption method. And if u dont know what hex or bit or wep is u dont deserve to use the functionality.....just turn on ur psp and look at it - that should provide enough entertainment for ur 2 sec attention spans!

Man, you'd love the Ipod thread.


i am not usin a WEP key and it comes up with the code (80410d07) wen i try to connect to my network plz help


what do u need in order 2 go on the internet on ure psp????? do u need a psp router or a regular coumputer router can u tell me more less of wat u used for ure connection pleze!!!


wat does WEP mean for the settings the WEP key. and how do u get a high scanning




hiya it may already say avove this answer but i didnt really have time to look through everytime i follow the steps it says no acess points were detected why is this.and how do i sort it out.plz help me.


what is the wep key for yahoo dsl


i have a psp and all the connections in my house are WEP protected. the SSID is called proutyh. has anyone ever herd of this SSID?


I need a WEP key how do I get one.


Does anyone know the wep key for netgear wireless connector


wot is da wep key name


whats WEP key?


My PSP can't find it's IP address, it keeps on timing out.


whats is wep


a man i lost my password bro and i cant figer it out it would be a real help if u can get password for me man thanks.


what if im using some 1's elses wireless connection how can i get their wep key coz its always on and it has a high signal


is there some sort of program that i can use on psp to crack the wep key

"what if im using some 1's elses wireless connection"

I believe that's illegal. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Nah that aint illegal, but they might not be happy if they find out you are using it.

To my knowledge there is no app for PSP to crack a WEP key. You are more likely to find software like that written for Windows. Although I would know nothing about that sort of thing ;P


Are you sure it's not illegal? Circumventing encryption may be considered a terroristi activity or something...

You don't want to end up on Guantanamo because you downloaded some pr0n from your neighbour's wep-encrypted internet connection :-)


it is illegal but i dont care the person still uses the wireless network and hasnt figured out that im using his 4 free


dali, the FBI has got your IP. They'll be standing in front of your door any second now. Happy Holidays in Kuba.



i got another question how come when i go on to on psp it works but when i try to sign in it says not enough memory why does this happen?


This happens because your PSP ain't got enough memory. D'oh, dude! :-)

The PSP browser seems to be extremely constrained due to the PSP's low amount of RAM (watch it re-loading images that it had already loaded moments ago because it threw them out of the memory as soon as you scrolled and they disappeared from screen). The DS browser actually comes with a memory upgrade to get around the problem. On the PSP, basically, you're screwed.


shall i use this site 4 msn i havent tried it yet but will it work on a psp
and how do u play games online on psp r there any websites 4 that

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