Sony takes on iPod shuffle with new flash players

Sony has announced nine new flash-based MP3 players to compete with Apple's iPod shuffle. "The lineup includes a set of cigarette lighter-sized models, a bit more expensive than the iPod Shuffle but with a much longer advertised battery life--50 hours of playback time with a rechargeable battery compared to Apple's 12 hours. And unlike the Shuffle, the Sony players have bright, 3-line screens to display song information...
Source: MacCentral Via USA Today

If Sony cannot undercut Apple in the price department, I wonder if they will sell many at all. Sure it will sell, its got the Sony name on it. But will it dent Apple's stronghold on the MP3 player market?

It is great to see that Sony is finally embracing MP3 in their new flash based players. Their worst decision with that new Network Walkman was only supporting the ATRAC format. Sony finally saw the error of its ways, but to think they could make a proprietary format like ATRAC work in the first place...

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